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81 Classic air pump bypass?

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  • 81 Classic air pump bypass?

    Hello again and thank you to all who helped with the timing issues a few months back. I am considering removing the air pump and all lines hose and ect, ect including the cat line from my 1981 Malibu Classic 229 3.8 or 3800 carbureted. 4 door of course because I am a long body man. I am also not concerned with keeping the car completely original or gas mileage. My questions are, what would I have to do after removing the air pump and what would I have to replace and change after removal of the air pump if even possible. I appreciate all replies. But please if you don't know a goddamn thing about 81 chevys....don't say shit thank you again.

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    Been a long time since I pulled mine, but I'll give it a shot since no one else piped in.

    In a nut shell, just pull it all out. I then used pipe threaded caps to plug the holes in the exhaust manifolds. When I replaced the manifolds with headers, I squeezed the air pipes shut and brazed them shut to seal them. There may be some coolant bypasses connected. pull that out too and rerun the coolant lines direct, from pump to heater core.

    Like I said, it's been a long....time, so I hope I was close.

    Bob custom '84 Fiero SE --->>> custom F408


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      Ok so that sounds right for sure. what would increase and decrease by removing the pump? And also what do you mean by air lines that you sealed shut? Which air lines would that be? In the morning I'm going to go back out and trace everything so I have a better idea of what I have to do.


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        Some cars had small 5/16" diameter tubes entering the exhaust manifolds at each port close to the head. These would need to be sealed to prevent exhaust leaks.


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          you will also need to add an idler pulley in place of it or at minimum a different length belt if the routing still works for the rest of your accessories.


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