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Cool and affordable solution to mid engine supercar replicas on FWD platform.

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  • Cool and affordable solution to mid engine supercar replicas on FWD platform.

    So I can across this viehical on jay leno's garage. I cant believe I never though of this before. This man put to transvers 4cyl motors in his mini cooper. one that powers the front wheels, and the other that powers the rear. The shift linkage and throttle are all connected. Ferrari's have flat plane cranks that make a v8 sound like two 4cyl running in sync. ddare I say this sounds even better than a Ferrari v8. He claims he built this mini cooper with a combined HP of 500, for only $30k. He's in California and can do the rear mounted, FWD platform in a customer car.

    Here is the video. One of the best sounding cars I have heard.

    here is the web site
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    vehicle* lol


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      Thats pretty neat, maybe a Celica can still sound as nice but be cheap.

      There was a member here that was interested in doing an Audi sedan rear conversion... or how about a Boxster with a subframe that lengthens and makes room for a wide track width... I wonder what would truly be the cheapest modern mid engine setup and with exotic dimensions.

      Heres a guy doing his second double engine conversion on a Passat. - Building another twin engine car: Passat W8 W12
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        Mosler Auto did a caddy with two north* engines one front one rear - called it a twin star.
        Mosler TwinStar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

        The wife totalled the front metal work of her 99 corolla maybe I will fix it and add a matching engine in the trunk LOL.
        BTW anyone want a parts car cheap....


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          Would be a fun vaydor project.
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