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Automanual to full manual conversion

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  • Automanual to full manual conversion

    Hi there everyone. I recently purchased a 2002 Aston Martin Vanquish with a 6 speed manual transmission and F1 style paddle shifters. I was wondering if anyone here can or know somebody that can convert the car into a full manual stickshift. Aston Martin offers this service but the car needs to be sent to the UK (I'm in N.Y.) and costs $40k. I was thinking that this is doable since the car already has a Tremec T56 six-speed. Please pm me or reply to this thread if anyone has any leads. I would truly appreciate it. Thank you

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    I thought cars with paddles were automatics or dual clutch transmissions

    How did they make a manual with paddles? The tremec t56 was used in camaro and firebird right ?


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      This transmission was exclusive to this model. The other models either have an automatic with paddle shifters or a stickshift. It uses an austoshift hydraulic system connected to a tremec box


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        i dont know who can do it in NY but its doable i have done it to my ferrari and i used to have vanquish s the transmissions are the same for manual and f1 you just need to change the f1 actuator system with small part that fit in the back of your transmission that use cables and you need manual gate with the stick shefter you also need clutch paddle

        then you need to check if the car start only with neutral or can start when its shows first gear i dont remember in aston and there is 2 ways to do it either you reprogram the car or leave the f1 system in the side

        and if u reprogram it or the car start fine in any gear you can sell the f1 system and get some money back
        also i think you can use db9 parts just double check with the dealer


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          Thanks maba7eth. I hope someone can point me to a shop in NY area that does this kind of customization. Thanks


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            If anyone can help out, I would truly appreciate it


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              help please. Thanks


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