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Balancing a Kit Car for Optimized Driving / Handling

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  • Balancing a Kit Car for Optimized Driving / Handling

    I have coil overs on my G28-MR2 Kit Car. I had the car aligned at the shop down the street and it it perfect.


    I am 5'11" and I weigh 170 lbs. Whenever my car is driving the left side of the car is already heavier than the right side so adding to that my weight I realize that the car will at least be L 55% -- R 45% in weight distribution! This is simple because (ignoring the weight of the wheels) I alone in the driver seat will offset the balance by 10%.

    I think I should raise the left coil overs a bit less than 1cm (a little more on the front than the back given that I sit much closer to the front and that makes more difference because the rear already has the engine weight).

    Then I found this

    Megan Racing

    Any constructive input is appreciated

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    For general street driving you probably won't notice any difference. For track use corner balancing is a good idea. It is usually recommended to put weight equal to the driver in the driver's seat when setting up the suspension. Also usually done with half a tank of gas.


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      The last time I had the alignment done on my AutoX modified STi, they placed weights in the drivers seat that replicated me sitting there. It can make a huge difference depending on how off it starts in the first place. However, I doubt you would notice much, in anything other than very spirited street (license limiting) driving.

      It made a small difference to how controllable four wheel drifts with the power down on my Subie (on the edge driving). But then on the AutoX you are looking for fractions of a second.

      That's not to say don't do it. It's great fun setting up cars in different ways to have different handling characteristics!


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