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  • Vaydor G35 Build Questions

    Hi everyone I am new here found the site from searching google on Vaydor G35 stuff. Just had a few questions about this kit and was wondering if I could get answers.

    First here is what I was planning on doing if I did this over say buying a GTR or Jaguar F-Type or other car in the 50 to 120 range. I live like 30 minutes from Matt's shop so distance, shipping and all of that can be completely eliminated.

    21000 for Matt's work
    15000 Buying a 6 speed g35 with a twin turbo, turbo or super charger already on it, have seen them on craigslist and ebay for around 14 to 20k depending on mileage, condition, modifications etc.
    2000 to 3000 labor for cleaning up the engine, transmission and tuning it.
    1000 gaskets, misc fluids, flushes, spark plugs, filters, belts, etc.
    1000 for coil overs
    3000 - 4000 for brakes if the car didn't already have good ones on it from the donor car
    4000 to 5000 for wheels
    2000 for tires
    2000 for paint if I sand and bondo it myself and do the undercarriage, frame and other things that don't require absolute perfection in paint.
    300 for sound deadening, when I take the car apart I will put down sound deading vinyl and adhesive on the floor of the car, put some inside the doors as well.
    2000 for interior stuff like radar detector, stereo, wires, rear view camera, etc.
    1500 for brake, coil over, tire installation
    1000 to 2000 for license, tax, other misc government shit
    -2500 selling all the donor cars stuff that isn't needed on ebay and craigslist.
    52-60k range total

    1. I was reading all of the Cowboy build thread. How much truth is there to what he is saying in that you need to spend 1000s and 100s of hours on little stuff after Matt is done with the 21000 interior exterior work? It seems like it is hard to believe everything the guy is saying based on the videos and such, seems like the truth is probably somewhere in the middle of what Matt and Cowboy have said.

    2. I notice things like mirrors, wipers missing from some of the cars is this part of what Cowboy is talking about?

    3. Is there anything from this list I am completely forgetting and without putting much work into it myself (other than possibly ripping apart the donor car, stereo wiring and sanding / preparing the body for paint)?

    4. How much would I be looking at car insurance for this thing compared to a normal 50 to 75k sports car, like say a Corvette or Hellcat, would it be around the same price or more expensive?

    5. Would this be road worthy and quality build or some half assed thing that requires tons of extra finishing to make it near production quality? It would be something I would want to drive at least 5000 miles a year not just sit and look pretty, I never understood people that just buy exotic sports cars to look at them once in a while, I want to drive the damn thing if I have one.

    Any feedback would be most appreciated
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    Was thinking it would look badass in one of these color schemes

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      Hey ToneStar, you have a lot of questions and concerns, but very important ones. I'm building a twin turbo vaydor for a client I have from California, I'm located here in Florida as well. The car isn't as easy as its painted to be, there are a lot of details and important aspects of the car that have to be done right in order for the car to come out well, but for the skilled builder it isn't a difficult project. To say the least this project isn't for the average joe to try to attempt. Your price range for the build is about right, but it's about 1000 man hours to build it correctly and not half-assed. Give me a call at 321-446-0311 to go over in detail about the different aspects of the vaydor build, and if I can help you anyway in this regard.
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        To answer some of your questions though, some builders don't install small components like mirrors or wipers. Every builder is different and has their own price but at the end of the day, you get what you pay for if you go with a reputable builder that knows what they're doing. Just let the builder know what you want and go from there.

        As for insurance purposes, you can insure it for the total amount you spent on it and label it as a 'Modified Infiniti G35'.

        About road quality, the car is all fiberglass so it needs some metal reinforcement and multiple mounting points to make the body more rigid. If that's not done then every single part of the car is going to be rattling and shaking at 40 mph. If the car is done right then you should be able to drive it like a daily driver and even be able to put over 10K miles a year on it.

        Hope this helps! Call me anytime if you have more questions. 321-446-0311


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          to make it like a production car, 1000 hours is about right. give or take. being that I don't believe matt is doing the build outs anymore your going to be putting this together from the donor on. In that aspect you will be 1000 hours easy, especially your first time. i think your under estimating your suspension and body work costs. unless you plan on spraying this yourself, the bodywork and paint costs are going to be 5x your estimate of 2k. just my opinion


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            Originally posted by mtmmadman View Post
            to make it like a production car, 1000 hours is about right. give or take. being that I don't believe matt is doing the build outs anymore your going to be putting this together from the donor on. In that aspect you will be 1000 hours easy, especially your first time. i think your under estimating your suspension and body work costs. unless you plan on spraying this yourself, the bodywork and paint costs are going to be 5x your estimate of 2k. just my opinion

            Is he not building them anymore, haven't seen that anywhere? Why would the suspension be more than that you can get good coil overs for the g35 for $1000 and I could install them myself in a couple of hours it not that difficult?

            I would consider trying to do the paint, haven't painted a car before but I have painted about everything else under the sun with sprayers. If the body kit was removed from the car after being fit I think I would be capable of doing it fine. I am willing to do some of the work on the car like stripping it down, sound damping, brakes, coilovers, prepping the paint or even painting it, some of the electronic stuff.

            Probably won't do the project if Matt isn't doing the work anymore.

            Thanks for the feedback.


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              Unless something has changed I don't believe Matt is doing the jnitial builds anytime soon. I believe he stopped this a few months ago. As for the suspension, yes you can get a decent set of coilovers for a thousand dollars. However your going to need camber adjustment front and rear controls arms, definitely going to want to replace all tie rods and pretty much the entire suspension front and rear. Decent suspension setup for a G35 I would say based on the 4 builds we are working on now is going to be somewhere in the range of 2500-3500. add air lift suspension on top of that and your looking in the 4500-6000 range. If your planning on putting the 22" wheels on then your going to have to be able to lift the front end of the car up.

              I'm sure you could spray the car yourself. As long as you can weld, glass and spray you can definitely build this car. Just from experience, I throw 2-3 guys on each build and I'm guesstimating that we have somewhere in the range of 500-600 hours per build. Those are guys that are very familiar with the car at this point. So as long as you plan it out you should be fine. I just think your underestimating your costs a little bit. You will be taking many many many trips over to the AutoBody supply


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                Mtmmadman is right. Matt isn't doing anymore installs, due to the overload of work he has. Supposedly he's backed up till like the middle of next year. Unless your trying to make this an actual super or high performance car then I don't think you'll need to throw that much money into the suspension and brakes. Good coilovers and good brakes will do. The body work on the other hand is tedious and you'll easily put around 150 hours or more into that alone if you do it yourself. If you love the car, got the money, and the time to do some of the work then I'd say go for it! Whatever you can't do, let me know. I can help.
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                  That's what it was, backed up until middle of next year, manny is correct on that one. I obviously don't want to speak for Matt or give false info but give him a call.

                  And of course you could put decent brakes on and technically drive the car as is. Up here in the northeast the roads are horrible and being able to lift a car this low is key. And in my opinion, your riding on 6k and in some cases how crazy you go, 9k worth of tires and rims, I just don't see the point in running a completely stock suspension setup with just coilovers. And this is part speculation and part experience with other cars, but your putting 22" wheels, 22"x12.5" in the rear, and you will be putting a hurting on stock bearings, upper and lowers and the rest. If your spending 60-70k in total, I wouldn't hesitate to drop a few more thousand upgrading the suspension.


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                    Vaydor at sema


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                      Thanks for the feedback guys. Hey manny whats the status of the car you were building? I saw your thread looked it like you were painting it last I saw in the thread.
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                        I actually think the car would look better with 21" rims and slightly bigger tires, it would probably drive better too. 22" seems like a bit too much.


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                          I would love to go with 21s but your severely limited on tires


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                            You can get p-zero's in that size isn't that about the only tire you would want anyways? Almost ever exotic car comes with them.


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                     these would work fine.


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