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Lamborghini Countach 5000 QV Replica

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  • Lamborghini Countach 5000 QV Replica

    Hello fellow car friends from all around the world! I'm new to this forum and just joined, however I'm crazy about exotic cars.
    I just obtained my dream car, a 1986 Lamborghini Countach 5000 Quattrovalvole replica which is very detailed and highly accurate.
    However, there are a few areas of the car that could be more "authentic" so I'm hoping I can create this thread to get help
    in obtaining the "most accurate" parts either from some of you gear heads out there or referal to the "correct donor car parts",
    possibly OEM in some cases, which I do have a few of these parts already installed on the car. In return for helping me, I will also help
    you out with the list of parts that I purchased so far and from which car donors they came from.
    So here is what I'm looking for to start, if any of you have info or prices on parts that you are selling:

    1. Door window frames
    2. Interior stuff like seat shells, door skins, center console, etc...mostly fiberglass stuff.
    3. Interior knobs, ac levers, and accessory push buttons
    4. Quad headlight buckets/frames (anyone have the dimensions for this)
    5. Looking for correct wheels or wheel covers? (I have centerlines currently)

    I will most likely have to fabricate some parts, but it just depends on pricing if someone is selling these parts, for reasonable prices.
    Oh and if you live in southern USA, maybe we can meet and really help each other out with our projects.
    Thank you kindly,

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    Welcome to the forum Allan

    I'm sure you will find some new friends and good advice here.

    Unfortunately, I can't help much with Lambo parts. I'm more of a Ferrari guy.

    I hope you will be posting lots of pics! Everyone here including myself enjoys to see what everyone is up to.

    Good luck with your replica,

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      Hello Allan,

      Welcome to the family.
      Here you will find plenty of expert.
      Feel free to search the site, construction of Countach, you'll be surprised at the wealth of information and expertise of the members.
      I missed the sale of a Prova Countach in France this week ....
      I have to finish my Testarossa before.
      Post some pictures of your beautiful car.
      Excuse my English, I'm French.
      See you soon.



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        Welcome to the family Allan;

        A really good resource for most of your body and interior parts is Udo. Gotiath on here. He is in Ontario, Canada but has oem 5000s fiberglass interior parts and headlight buckets. A good time to be buying from Canada with our dollar sucking so badly against the US dollar....

        Other interior parts like centre console and buttons etc, contact K9COP on here as he has some of these available for sale and has made a really nice centre console in metal piece that everything fits into. He also has some other outside parts available as well.

        Will, wbnemo1 on here also does front turn signal covers and currently has an ad in the Mall for them.

        K9COP and I are getting oem size and shape side glass packages put together as well. Will be a couple more months for those to be available but we are close to producing those.

        76mx may be able to help you with the side door frames but IIRC, his are for oem shape and size as well. Udo might be able to do the frames for you though.

        Did you get the car from Tennessee? From the small pic, it almost looks like the one I saw for sale in Tennessee last year.

        Looking forward to some pics

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          Thank you kindly for the warm welcome Sean, Chritsophe, and Don.
          Here are 2 pics of the car at the previous owners location before I acquired it.
          Sorry, I have to white out some things to protect the previous owners identity. Enjoy!

          Notice the door frames are not accurate, which I am going to fix soon
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            Waiting for a moderator to approve the pics I just posted...


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              I will be very active on this forum so hope to hear from all you other Countach fans out there!


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                To post pics to the site, I believe you have to donate some cash to the site owner. Lots of folks post to a photo sharing site and put in the links. Personally, I donated as I believe this site is a worthwhile forum so I believe helping the site owner out is just the right thing to do....

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                  What part of southern USA? Im in La.
                  "Do a little bit everyday and eventually it'll get done"


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                    PM sent to you Mr Graffiti...just don't put graffiti on my countach please


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                      I just made a donation to the forum so waiting on approval to post pics...

                      To Sean and Christophe,
                      I just got rid of my 1985 Miami Vice Testarossa "redhead" replica. I also love Ferraris too my friends. Before that, I also owned a 1985 308 replica which had some Mera parts on it. My 308 even had original Ferrari cromodora rims. I try to make all my replicas as "authentic" as possible. I will post pics of both of these cars too, once I get approval status.

                      Chat with you soon my good friends,


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                        In response to your question, no I did not purchase the car from Tennessee


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                          Use photobucket app to post pics using the IMG links they provide you

                          Much better and Easier than trying to upload pics Plus if the pics are in your phone their phone app is way easier


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                            Allan, welcome to the forums! Here you will find lots of us Countach 'nerds' who will be able to help you out. Lots of us on here offer various accurate replica parts. Don has hit the nail on the head. Udo is your 'go to guy' in my opinion for fibreglass interior parts at the present time. Others have either projects in the works or other issues taking their time up but Udo is helpful, accurate, and honest, I bought my interior from him. It is interesting that most of the Countach guys on here are VERY interested in accuracy, and very willing to share, but as you may expect from my handle, I'd advise you to make sure you know who you are dealing with. There are some less than honest people on here, as with anywhere in life, so I would recommend referrals before you commit to parting with cash.

                            I won't hijack your thread by hawking my own sh** on here, but if you PM me I'll send you some pics of stuff you may be interested in from your list.

                            Welcome again, stay in touch!



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                              Thanks Allan, Looking forward to the pics
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