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    Hey guys.
    I need some help with getting the right motor for my car.

    I have a 1982 Pontiac Phoenix, it has the 2.5L Iron Duke motor...... reliable, but pretty gutless.

    I'm looking for a motor that's reliable enough to be a daily driver, but also able to be supercharged, and powerful enough to take to the drag strip in Milan. (The one in Michigan, not the one in Italy, lol!)

    I'm swapping both the motor and trans, but I can't figure out what the best motor to put into it would be.

    The transmission will be one of the following , Muncie 4-sp, MG-282, or Isuzu 5-sp...... they all use the GM V8 bellhousing pattern.

    Right now my choices are

    1. The Pontiac SD-4 Super Duty 4 (sounds awesome, but I can't FIND the thing for sale anywhere)

    2: The GM 2.4L Quad 4. (Is it reliable enough? I've heard horror stories about timing chains.)

    3: The GM 4-cylinder Ecotec. (Which one would bolt up to a Gm V8 bellhousing bolt pattern? Which one is most reliable?)

    4: Chevy 305/262 V8 (How much room would I have under the hood? Would it be too powerful and bork my trans?)

    5: Pontiac 265 (Same questions as above)

    (I would really like to keep using Distributor ignition if possible, and keep my ignition coil too. I'm not ready to go Coil-on-plug, or Distributorless.)

    So the question is, what's the most reliable, superchargeable engine of the lot? I'm just looking for the best of the bunch here.

    if anyone knows any hidden flaws concerning any of these engines that would make them unreliable, or a poor choice to supercharge. I really need to know.

    PS: If anyone HAS a Pontiac SD-4 for sale, let me know, lol!

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    Here's my random thoughts fwiw:
    Go Buick 3800sc with 4 speed auto, great for drag racing. Pull the whole engine, trans computer and harness out of an Olds, Pontiac or Buick and drop it in. Hell I would take the axles, knuckles, struts steering rack too, Easy ? No but nothing custom worth doing ever is. You'd be using a matched set of components out of a running car and your project would be on the road 5X faster. Also Automatics are faster than stick shift at the drags. Could be a Giant killer. adding super chargers to engines that weren't designed for them will lead to blown motors, not worth it in my opinion. Newer type distributor-less ignition systems run well and are proven, with fuel injection (you weren't thinking using a carburetor with a Supercharger, right ? Hope this helps, -Vinny

    The Super Duty will be like chasing a 30 y.o. ghost. and cost a ton of money. Consider other options.
    Remember, there is always next year.


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      If you are trying to use your stock trans I would suggest the GM 4.3l . The earlier models have distributors like you want. There are plenty of power adders for them aswell. You can pick up an entire truck so all components are there for the swap.


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        Agreed to use a 4.3 out of a truck

        Super Cheap and super plentiful


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          Would It be good idea to use a Gm 122? I found one that's super cheap.... Can you supercharge it?


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            I think you're right about the Iron Duke, too bad as that is SUCH a cool engine!

            however, I found another capable engine, the GM 122. Do you know if I can supercharge it without it blowing up?


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              I think you are giving up on the Iron Duke too soon and any other motor would be a step down. If you research the history of the Duke, you will find that it has a very impressive resume in circle track Midget Cars, SCCA road course cars, as well as drag racing. It is a well done platform to start with and unlike the other choices, plenty of high performance parts, including a supercharger, are off the shelf stock items, or at least they were 25 years ago. Of all the four cylinder blocks of the time, that one is absolutely the most desirable. They were stock in mail jeeps too, many of which are still running today.


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