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  • Hey Aconcepts??

    Hey guy, gotta a few questions for ya. I'm new here, but have been reading all the info I could absorb before asking questions. (That "search" function is a huge help.) Also someone recommended "Fiberglast" in another thread and I bouth 3 of their videos and watched them already. I think I am one my way to some great creations.

    Anyway, gotta give you props on your work. You seem to be the guru when it comes to molds and laying it up.
    That being the case I was curious.. I saw in your other post about the bumper you said you would pull from the mold in the morning. It has 3 layers of hand layed glass. I am in the works on a plug for my own custom and haven't begun the molds yet... a little ways off! When I go to lay the actual glass for the car, how many layers is good enough? Can I get away with 3? and what cloth are you using? 10oz?
    Thanks for any help you can provide, and I love looking at your pics of the plugs, molds, and other stuff. Do you have a website with other things like this you have done?
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    Re:Hey Aconcepts??

    i use to but getting ready to make a new site
    yes 3 layers of hand layed glass would be fine
    but you also have to use kevlar yes i am using 1.5 oz
    it is in the way you lay it
    I call it patch laying
    you take all the eage off the fiberglass clouth and use the center to lay all over the inside and on the ousit of the mold you would use the eages to make the outer rim
    that way it is ez to grind off
    and i am not a guru there are many good ppl on here who know alot like myself my friends dkov and madmike mikeo and john can also help sometimes i even have to call mike and ask advice
    It is good that you know what you are doing or you will be in for a hard time
    but ty for your kind words and good luck hope we could help
    ask as many questions as you can it is hard to do it and make all parts to fit
    it is ez to make the outside but when you get to the interior you will have some hard times but stick with it and you would be fine
    if you need help just ask


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      Re:Hey Aconcepts??

      if you are just using glass then i would go with for the mold 13 layers and wood or steel support
      the body i would go with about 6 to 8 layers of glass
      but when you mix it get stronger and makes for a ez lay up


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