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Countach in Los Angeles needs advice

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  • Countach in Los Angeles needs advice

    Hey guys - Iíve built a few kits but my new project is a bit outside my knowledge in the engine/tranny & drivetrain department.

    I have a Fiero based Countach kit with a Small Block 350 and what appears to be the original Fiero tranny, I was kinda shocked to see that transmission handling the 350 ... thereís shifting issues and clutch may be bad. Guy before me welded the engine to the frame what a mess!

    1. Iím basically looking for any advice on new transmission options for the SB 350 there is the Archie kit on there now to connect to Fiero.

    2. any shops in the Los Angeles area that will take a custom Kitcar in for repair that can handle welds and some custom configurations like this, most donít wanna touch them from experience.


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    Chris Anderson at West Coast Hot Rods in Anaheim Ca has built some of my Countach bodies and does nice work in a legit custom shop, but it has been several years since I have talked to him, 714-686-0800. That is as close to LA as you can get.


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