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  • Spot welding

    Hi guys.
    In the past i have had quite a few arguments with pros about welding techniques, some up to a point of being chucked off a forum :-)
    I just recently came across this video from lazze, spot welding aluminium.
    I asked this question before on that same forum, & had about ten guys tel me it cant be done.
    I hope it comes in handy for some of you.
    Cheers Jose'

    PS. sure its been asked a thousand times, but what is the best way to post pics on the forum that wont be discontinued down the line.


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    That is pretty cool
    Now building in Mooresville NC


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      this is awesome.


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        I was searching for this information. There is no "thank you" button on this forum, and so I'm writing it here. Thank you. BTW, I'm in the search for the interesting information about welders right now. And not so long ago I have found a nice Pro Welder Guide with a lot of good advice. You should check it out too, OP. I don't know about your skill level and it, but maybe it will be helpful for you too. I'll leave it here so anyone would read it too.
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