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Restyling a Bucket T Body

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  • Restyling a Bucket T Body

    Took me awhile to figure this out.

    Get a Bucket T fiberglass body and restyle it along the lines of what Tex Smith did with XR6 showcar.

    That way you can do things in 'small bites'.

    Anybody interested in this let me know.

    We like the idea and wish we had thought of it sooner!

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    Add something here.

    Building a car the Bucket T roadster way greatly simplifies the job.

    You can use a simple chassis.

    Build the body in sections.

    Nosecone.Hood and side covers.Body.Rear deck.

    Makes it doable for more people.


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      maybe its me but that looks like locost 7, simple ladder frame with couple panels on top. Or are you going to transform the T-bucket into something custom. If that the case may as well start from 0 and move up


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        'looks like locost 7'

        They are both roadsters,

        Just had an evil thought.Enlarge a George Barris Surf Rod type body to get it done.Simple flats with radiused corners.

        'start from 0 and move up'

        Yes and no.The idea to take away from the T kits is 'build in sections'.

        Body-Rear deck-Front grill-Hood w/side panels.

        Want this to be a kit that the average treadhead can build themselves.

        Pitched it to local fiberglass parts maker.He thought it had merit.


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          Here's link to Kurtis 500S pictures.

          Our car can look like this generally.

          Squared off some.Functionally the same.

          Separate body and rear deck.Have it look like fully body car when it drives by.

          Can be built no hood w/engine covers.

          Needs grill to cover modern front suspension though.


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