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I need NAERC Chassis Plans

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  • I need NAERC Chassis Plans

    Hi guys, does anyone have these plans? Iíd like to start build on one for my first supercar but all I can find online is some 3d diagrams of tubing with no measurements. Id like to have that 300 some page planned booklet I heard about years ago with measurements and such down to the T. For context, Iím in the process of scavenging used F40 panels and would like to try my hand at this. Iíve spent most of my life restoring classics and would now like to build one from scratch. Can anyone help me out? I really donít want to chop up a good Fiero or Toyota if I can get around that. Iíve built dirt track frames but nothing to this extent.

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    What are you building is this for a Diablo or something me at I have all the dimensions to the oem chassis and aftermarket body panels available.


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      Theres a 3d to look at too
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        I sent you a email! Colato Thanks Arash, my problem is it doesnít have the measurements.


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