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  • Details - Interior I

    Although hard in see in this picture as the rear wall behind the seats is black but I have no rear Fiero glovebox console. This was such a Fiero giveaway. My console is flat all the way to the wall and the rear wall is also flat. I moved the computer under the console you rest your elbow on. It only raised it about 1/4". I reworked a stock console by cutting off the part where it starts to go up and bonding on an aluminum sheet bent to match the OEM console. This in turn was covered with a thin foam and covered in Porsche black leather. I made a steel bracket at the back by the wall and just used velcro to hold the rear down and tight.

    My shifter area. I painted all the parts wrinkle black and then semigloss clear. Best thing I could come up with. Any aftermarket overlays looked cheap in my opinion. One of my last projects is to make a new shift console that is narrower and move my shifter a bit to the left and a single real 308 ashtray with the horse on it on the right.

    I filled in the shifter pattern. I also have a black shifter knob that has the correct pattern on it from a Fiat I believe. Looks very real. I did polish a steel ball knob and I have that on there now. If I stick with it I want to get it chromed.

    I made a custom aluminum radio plate and bonded it to the radio faceplate. I then filled it to look like it never had the large GM opening. I then used a Blaupunk radio as most 308's had a similar radio. Radio sounded so cheap I put a EQ/amp under the drivers seat. That made it sound pretty good. I also have the factory sub housing and a small amp to power it. No slider in the overhead though. That looks too American.

    I have all 84 black switches in my 88. No 85 and up gray switches.

    Momo Monte Carlo steering wheel and a 328 horn button. The 308 horn button does not have the little horn emblem in it.

    I changed my key to get rid of the GM Fiero key. I used a key set from a newer GM car and made a spacer to make it work. It sticks out farther so the spacer is between the key and the steering column. I also have an automatic steering column so I have no key release. I hate those key release levers!!

    Some Ferrari stickers on the speedo and tach found at a model shop. 200 MPH speedo face from England. Looks great and works perfect. Lights up red at night.

    Crossed flags are from an older Ferrari dash.

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    Re: Details - Interior I

    On the passenger seat you see a Ferrari parts box. That is my glove box now. : )

    I have the required Beethoven tape for effect.

    You can see the fire extinguisher handle.

    Even though I have over $50,000 in my Mera I still have a boot for the shifter. For engineering reasons I will never have a gated shifter.


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      Re: Details - Interior I

      wow ... $50 000 ??


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        Re: Details - Interior I

        Great job I really like your glove box


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          Re: Details - Interior I

          Look's Great! and good job.
          The details make the difference.


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            Re: Details - Interior I

            Hey Rodney looks great. Could you give a little more info on where to get that speedo .and elaberate on your ignition key/lock. Thanks
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