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  • F40 rear window

    I am finally trying to get my damaged F40 rear window out and the new one from Norms installed. It would appear the old one was glued in with some kind of epoxy. Does anyone have any idea how to get this out without damaging the fiberglass seat in the rear hatch that the window sits in? I want to do this right before I can even think about how I am going to glue the new one in. Steve in Mexico

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    Heat gun to soften the glue?

    Dr Xtreme


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      Thanks, I think that will be my first try. Steve


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        Found out the window was glued in with some kind of rubber adhesive. Came out easy, but a lot of scraping to get all the old glue off the frame. Guys, I have got to say something here: the replacement new window was made by Norms Fiberglass in Indiana. Although I had some major hassles getting it to me in Mexico, as was documented on this website and over on Pennocks ( the problem may have been as much as a result of where I am, than anything else) I have to say this- the new window popped right in with no trimming, grinding, or any work at all. Considering all the curved angles on this, I have to give great credit to Norm for the beautiful piece of work this window was. Just wanted to get that out there.Steve


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