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Northstar V8 and trans in Fiero

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  • Northstar V8 and trans in Fiero

    I recently purchased a 1988 Mera with 1996 Northstar V8 and trans in it. I just replaced the water pump and now the trans is not shifting smoothly and RPM's are running higher than normal; search says its possibly TCC solenoid or A/B solenoids bad.

    Problem is the original owner who did the swap is nowhere to be found (out of Orlando FL) and there is no documentation that came with car (bough it from owner 2 who stored it for 3 of the 4 years he owned it).

    The car had a Euro style dash installed with Dakota Digital gauges, so no check engine light or place to look for codes. I can't even find the PCM in the engine bay.

    Anyone who can shine some light on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Dr Xtreme

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    Depending on the engine and pcm used many of the older Cadillac used the AC and cluster to retrieve the codes, change setting etc.. mine we used a plug hidden that I could pull out plug the caddy cluster in and retrieve the codes.. it will be a long white plug about 1/2 " wide and about 4-5" long.. newer ones just used obd2 port.


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      Thank you jb1 for the info. I did a little digging (literally) and uncovered the ECM, OBD1 plug and a host of other wires. It appears I have a 94-95 N* based on the ECM number, maybe last of them that got into 96 production. I will work on pulling codes and figuring this out.


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