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Finished taking apart/reassembling my front end!

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  • Finished taking apart/reassembling my front end!

    Well, after four days my front suspension is finally back together. Replacing the springs all around, didn't realize how hard it can be to remove nuts and bolts which haven't been touched in 17 or so years.

    Anyone have any tips on changing the rear springs?

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    Re: Finished taking apart/reassembling my front en

    Remove the assembly bottom end first, lift the car and let the assembly hang, undo the three bolts on top. Pull the entire assembly from the car.

    On the bench, use a spring compressor, remove spring perch/retainer and oull spring.

    Reassembly is reverse. Get alignment.

    The EASIER way...

    Pull assembly, toss in trash. Install PRE configured Koni adjustables. get alignment.

    DKOV -


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      Re: Finished taking apart/reassembling my front en

      I just got these on Pennock's:

      Jack up the back of your car.
      Put jack stands under the frame.
      Take off tires.
      Put jack under the A arm.
      Remove the break line from the strut.
      Remove the two large nut that attach the strut at the bottom.
      Remove the three nuts on top of the strut tower.
      Let down the jack and pull the two large bolts out of the bottom of the strut.
      Remove the strut assembly.
      Buy or rent a set of spring compressors and put them on the spring.
      Tighten the compressor till the spring is loose on the strut and remove the top nut of the strut.
      Remove spring.
      Slowly remove the compressor from the spring.
      Put the compressor on the new spring.
      Put the spring on the strut and put the top “bucket” in place.
      Tighten the nut to the proper torque spec.
      Remove spring compressor.
      Put the plate back on the top and slide the strut into the strut tower and start one of the top nuts.
      Lift the control arm till the holes line up in the bottom and insert the two bolts.
      Put the other two nuts on the top and torque them down.
      Snug up the bottom bolts and put the tire back on.
      Do the other side.
      Put the car on the ground and look at the tires they should be parallel to each other. If they are angled in or out at the top you will need to loosen the bolts that I told you to just snug up and pull the tire till it is close to being correct.
      Get them close and snug up the bolts again.
      Jack the car back up and remove the tire and torque the bolts to spec.
      Drive the car to an alignment shop and have them align it for you.

      If you go through all of that you might want to replace the struts as well.

      Make sure that all the tension is off the sprint before you try to remove the spring compressor. The springs can kill you if you are not careful.


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