It is important in my opiniom to make sure all the parts are aligned correctly. I have seen some replicas where driving lights are crooked, grills are slanted or off center and body panels out of alignment. I have seen many kits that were done very well also. I think it is harder to fool people when you have things misaligned.

I also have the 328 flat grill horse. On my grill the 3" horse is too small and the 4" horse is too large. So I looked to buy a 328 flat horse as it is 3 1/2" tall. I was bummed to find out they were not available. I emailed every possible place looking for one. Even a used one which I could not find. I finally found one in stock in a German Ferrari dealer. With shipping it cost me $150!! Had to have it at any price. I have been after Black Barts to reproduce this one. Possibly now they have? They have reproduced many of the no longer available Ferrari emblems for early Ferraris.

A small sticker tastefully placed always helps. Another sticker I found in a model shop. I am a stickeraholic but I am very careful to be tasteful on where I put them and how many I have on my car. I do not want it to look too full of stickers.

I even switched to Bosch wipers just to have them for looks since they have the Bosch word embossed in them.

Here is a nice addition. A replica California emmisions sticker. Goes along with the Ferrari of Beverly Hills license plate frame. Next I'll do some engine compartment details.