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  • Interiour ?

    Hey All,

    Was just wondering what everyone is doing about there interiour, How much of the Upholstering are you guys doing yourselves?. I am getting the seats done by a friend, I guess I am wondering about the Countach dash, center concole and door panels. Is it possible to do those in vinyl myself, I think the dash would not be that hard as the shape is very flat and boxy. What type of glue should I use?.

    I am just trying to get a heads up on whats involved, for when I start the interiour in the next couple of months.

    Any help I could get would be great


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    Re: Interiour ?

    Trevor, get a second part time job and do the interior by pro.its the detailing that is important after all the admiration by all . I did my 2times.cost me complete inside about a Gino. ( Can $ 1000) seat on top of it extra. The dash n console you can pre fit and build with plywood.I used 7/16". dont do it in fibreglass cause its hard to glue it,can't use staples. pre fab the pieces ,fit and get them wraped up.install after paint you coud end up with overspray.also I shortened my steerig colum it was too close to my body.


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      Re: Interiour ?

      I agree, get the second job and have the interior done. I am going to use Mr. Mikes seat covers and "help" the upholsterer with the doors,dash,carpet and consoles. Hoping this will ofset the cost somewhat.Honestly i cant wait to get to the inside....then i will be getting close ;D


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