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Update on my Car's Techincal Difficulties

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  • Update on my Car's Techincal Difficulties

    So, here's what happened today.

    1) I was told at speedorama that the guy I bought my car from, tony sousa, is unreliable.

    2) Number 1) was reinforced when I came and found out two things.

    First, that there ARE holes in my EGR tube, that the patches weren't welded on correctly and when sprayed with WD 40 my Idle goes down about 400rpm.

    Second, when I started the car to find out about the holes, I noticed the key would not come out of the ignition cylinder. After pulling the fuel pump fuse to stop the engine I still wasn't able to pull the key out. Time to add another part to the list: New ignition Cylinder!

    Other things I have discovered I will have to fix tomorrow
    1) Drill off old brake lines and replace them
    2) Attach the air filter holder to something (its just wedged in place now, not screwed on anywhere.
    3) Buy vaccum hose to attach to the egr selenoid, and attach it somewhere
    4) Remove screws from water pump holder and remount it, because Tony drilled right into the rear suspension with these screws, and I can not remove the shocks and springs with them tere.

    Gota love surprises,

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    Re: Update on my Car's Techincal Difficulties

    key won't come out becuase car was probably a standard colum now tilt but from an auto car release lever by key cyl was released by car being put into park..need to modify release..


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      Re: Update on my Car's Techincal Difficulties

      replaced the key cylinder today, gota put it back together tomorrow - the key cylinder was destroyed! Now I just got to figure out how to put it all back together - anyone have a picture of the steering column taken apart? Or maybe pics of the putting-back -together process?


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