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Replacing Axel Today!

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  • Replacing Axel Today!

    Well, as many of you may know I was mislead into buying a POS kit car donor with a fecucked rear left axel. So I got these instructions from Ogre on and rented a 30mm socket and breaker bar from Crappy Tire...

    Ogre's method..... (Some of this is already covered. This is how I do it step by step.)
    I use this method for both my car and my dodge caravan. (And yes,,, that axle nut should be replaced.)

    With a wheel on the car, remove the nut from the shaft. The socket will fit thru the stock 14" wheel center hole. I'm not sure about other alloy wheels. If it won't fit yours then mount the spare tire.

    I just carefully pry out the center cap from the wheel before I take the wheel off. If that is a pain, and it can be, then take the wheel off, take out the cap and put it back on.

    After the nut and wheel are off...

    1. remove caliper from mounting bracket. hang it up with a piece of wire.
    2. disconnect brake line from strut.
    3. remove pinch bolt and disconnect ball joint.

    That will let you swing out the hub without causing you to need an alignment. Also avoids issues with separating the tie rod.

    Push the axle in toward the tranny as you work it out of the hub. (This compresses the spring in the inner CV. Effectivly shortening the axle.)

    Once the outer end is free CAREFULLY pry the axle out of the tranny. The trick here is getting the pry bar to push the axle straight out. Make sure you don't wreck the tranny case.

    If the axle is a real turd, and some are, there is an attachment for large slide hammers that will get it.

    ALWAYS replace the transmission seal when replacing the axle! Even if you are reusing the same axle, it's cheap insurance against a leak. Make sure you don't score the tranny hole prying out the seal.

    If you do score the tranny's seal mounting hole... Clean it with brake parts cleaner and put a small amount of RTV Si sealer on the walls of the hole. I prefer paint on sealer like Permatex Super 300 or Balkamp Aviation sealer over RTV for this. If you don't put any sealer in the scoring then the seal will leak.

    Check for the seal guard on the outer CV. New/rebuilt axles often are missing it. It needs to be moved from the old axle to the new one or the hub seal won't seal right or last long. This is a metal ring the press fits onto the outter CV.

    put the new axle in and reassemble everything but only start the axle nut.

    put the wheel on (leave the center cap out for now) and then tighten the axle nut. (Torque spec in my cave.)

    IMPORTANT!!! Compare the new axle to the old one carefully BEFORE you install it! The one time I forgot to do that I found out half way thru that the new one was an inch shorter...

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    Re: Replacing Axel Today!

    to yank it out, you can bolt a plate over the end and just use a slide hammer hooked to it to knock it out. no prying that way.


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      Re: Replacing Axel Today!

      I got the axle out and got a rebuilt one, but am having trouble getting the new tranny seal back in - Any suggestions?


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        Re: Replacing Axel Today!

        Did you see my other post?

        Use a big socket over it and wack it with a nice sledge will pop right in..

        no hammer .. a sledge.
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          Re: Replacing Axel Today!

          I tried that, used a piece of PVC pipe... didn't work :~(, just bent the seal a little (Not a problem though, I bought two expecting that would happen!). Gona go to a few new stores looking for the "Special" tool now.


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            Re: Replacing Axel Today!

            Well, just got back from four different stores, none of them carry the tool I need... gona go back outside and try the pipe again. If this dosen't work I'll be going to home depot to try to manufacture the tool myself out of washers and bolts...

            Built the tool, still a no-go. Broke a seal. Damn.


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              Re: Replacing Axel Today!

              First .. sure you got the right ones?
              Let me check mine ...
              The box says
              Oil Seal
              Joint Radial
              Chicago Rawhide..
              Cdn Tire Part numbers

              And you need a socket that fits over the outer edge
              Is your pipe square?
              How about so lubricant on it like 5w30 oil
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                Re: Replacing Axel Today!

                Here's the before and after picture - sprayed the car with rust away too.. damn that stuff is expensive... gota support it though, its a Canadian product (and if anybody knows something about rust on a car, a Canadian does! Unless your from southern B.C. though....). I also replaced the toe link rod as well, the old one was in mighty ugly condition. The bolt on the toe link rod was rusted into place, and I hide to use my trusty Dremel tool to cut through it to get it off. That is all for now!


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                  Re: Replacing Axel Today!

                  CHOP TOP


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                    Re: Replacing Axel Today!

                    I guess I should have been more specific, MY Canadian tire is Crappy. I went ot order a transmission seal, and the salesperson tells me they don't carry tranny seals! Well I show him on his computer that tranny seals are listed, and he says "I didn't know that, what do they do?"

                    It's not that ALL canadian tires are crappy, it just seems as though the ones in the big cities have a tendancy to hire people who know NOTHING about their own departments!


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                      Re: Replacing Axel Today!

                      The Canadian Tire I deal with is crappy to (I suppose not all are) had a bad run in with them. Few years back I bought a sub pump from them brought it home took it out of the box tried it out and it didn't work looked at it closer and there were rocks and other crap inside (someone else must have used it and the brought it back). So I brought it back and what do you know they wouldn't return it saying that it was used and I damaged it, that was BS. So I ended up having to buy and other one , this time I opened the box to check it out first. That why I call mine crappy not because of any products they sell but the bad service the gave me ...So much for the customer is always right...


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                        Re: Replacing Axel Today!

                        I would have to agree, most Canadain Tires in bigger cities are pretty pathetic. I was taking a course with a coulbe of guys that worked for CT and the stories they would tell. It was enough for me neve to go to that CT. One thing to keep in mind is that CT pays all their machnics a bonus (%) for anything they seel to the customer. So next time you are getting any work done to your car (as if )remember are they really fixing something wrong or :make some extra money.
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                          Re: Replacing Axel Today!

                          Off topic yes but if Canadian Tire isnt crappy then
                          why did they sue to get their site back ...


                          yep, they sued to get the domain back.
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