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    I need latches and strikers for my countach doors. I checked with Euro Works and aparently there latches reuse the strikers from the fiero doors. Is there any way to use the latches from the fiero doors to, I think they would be too big.
    I have heard of using bear claw latches from, Also does anyone know If I can find some that might work in a salvage yard.

    And happy new year to all

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    Re: Countach Door's

    Hello Bluenoser, What part of Nova Scotia do you live? I lived in Halifax for 20 years...
    Sorry, back to your question. I am reusing the latches from the fiero, plus I am going to use the electric trunk latch from an 86 Iroc-Z. It will pull the door down tight. I found when sitting in the car it was very hard to get the door to close all the way down. Maybe the struts I am using are too strong as well. But with the pull down latch, it will work nice.... Thats still on my to do list this winter. Right now I am getting the car ready for paint this spring. Felix


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      Re: Countach Door's

      If you want to go the salvage route then you need to
      look for an OLD Mercedes Benz. Those are the same
      as the Countach strikers and receivers(?).

      Bear Claws are probably the easiest to use .. lots
      of places carry them .. like where
      I got mine.
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        Re: Countach Door's

        Thanks for the reply's:

        Kit car guy, I am living in Lawrencetown, Just outside of Darthmouth.

        derwin: I checked the local salvage yard today,They have one
        Mercedes Benz 70's model. The latches and strikers are in great condition, Same as what are on a real Countach. I am picking them up tomorrow.

        Thanks for the tip's


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          Re: Countach Door's

          Hey, use VW or Audi locks they are same as bearclaw and maybe 2 bucks a piece. (used) they are also easy to mod for outside push up lock and power lock. I had Benz latches and could not fit the outside push up assy.


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            Re: Countach Door's

            I make cool looking stainless steel strikers


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