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A set of useless Kit Car Install instructions

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  • A set of useless Kit Car Install instructions

    1. First strip your Fiero of all its plastic panels (except roof), all lamps
    (except headlamps).

    2. Trial fit your doors and you will see when fully opened the door will
    catch the metal seam
    on the inner wing just grind this until it clears remove door skins and touch
    in with paint to
    prevent rust.

    3. Cut the petrol filler and vent pipes just after the bend fit extension
    kit, remove exhaust
    elbow ends for modification, replace when panels are fitted.

    4. Remove exterior door lock and handle operating rods, fit the handle
    assemblies by offering
    up to the door, you will see an adjustable rod with a right angle bend at the
    end with two 5mm
    nylock nuts fitted this is the operating rod to open the door, remove the end
    nut and slot the rod
    into the Fiero catch refit the nut using the second nut adjust as required,
    the second rod operates
    the lock this is self evident how to fit to the catch and when you fit the
    door skin you will align
    the other end of the rod with the slot in the lock assembly. To mount the
    handle assembly drill
    two holes into the door and two in the side impact beam and rivet into place,
    for the third
    mounting point drill and screw from the door shut side (all will be clear
    when you see the parts).

    7. To fit the petrol filler cap use the original Fiero parts but discarding
    the metal collar, take
    the plastic part that the flap fits too and file down the outer ring so when
    fitted from the inside of
    the rear wing the flap becomes level with the panel at both sides but sticks
    out at the top and
    bottom, heat the flap until pliable then clamp the top and bottom until they
    are also level with the
    panel, then bond in place from the back of the rear wing with body filler,
    you will then be able to
    fit the filler pipe to this when the panels are fitted.

    6. Start at the front fitting the nose, wings (fenders), bonnet (hood) and
    refit the door skins
    (don't bond doors on until painted), to fit the engine cover first fit the
    metal frame to the Fiero
    hinges, take the original catch from inside the boot (trunk) fit it to the
    frame, using the catch part
    normally fitted to the engine cover fit it to the body on the outside of the
    boot using the mounting
    bracket supplied, correct location is achieved by clipping the two catch
    parts together as they
    would in normal use, lowering the boot frame to the closed position and then
    where the catch
    mounting bracket lies that is where you drill and fix, now reconnect your
    electric boot release
    wiring, as no external locking mechanism is to be fitted we recommend a
    manual cable release is
    fitted incase of a dud battery, fit the engine cover by placing the studs
    through the holes in the
    metal frame and adjust as you fit the rear panels, fit the rear bumper, lamp
    panel and rear wings
    using the doors and engine cover as your alignment guide, also use the sills
    (rockers) to give the
    correct locations, now fit the over roof section, to do this you will need to
    bond it in place with
    body filler, packing may be needed to achieve the same level as original
    Fiero roof still in place.

    7. To fit the lamps is self evident as all fixings and brackets are plain to
    8. Bond on the bonnet scoop after the car is painted
    9. Fit the grilles and original headlamp covers after car is painted.
    10. Bond in place rear perspex quarter windows.
    11. Detail the car and fit the wheels.

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    Re: A set of useless Kit Car Install instructions

    wow, mine were simpler to understand

    Remove original panels
    install new panels


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