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An 88 Advantage???

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  • An 88 Advantage???

    I was wondering if anyone believes there is an advantage to using an 88 as a donor as opposed to an 87? When you do a widetrack suspension does it really matter on each car? If you use spacers does it matter what year you use? Once you put a kit on the car do you still get the advange of the rear sway bar the 88 has? Any other advantages/disadvantages? Does an 88 4 banger have the same motor mounts as a 2.8? Austin is making good progress on his car. The body work is coming together. Just working on the spacing. Thanks Guys

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    Re: An 88 Advantage???

    There were several small improvements in the 88 car besides suspension...
    One that pops to mind is a bigger gas tank, mind you not by much...
    Another one aside from the suspension, was the brakes...


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      Re: An 88 Advantage???

      I've owned 27 Fieros since I started this addiction about 10 years ago. Out of all of the cars I have owned, I have only used 88s as daily drivers. The only other one I drove on sort of a regular basis was an 84 Indy. I mostly just drove it to shows and events back when I was in Tennessee... I never put much stock into the advantages of the 88 suspension until about a month ago when we took Marie's freshly rebuilt 87GT to WestFest.

      On Sunday after the show, a few of us took off up the coast to practice the upcoming Coast Run. Last year I took my 88 T-top GT on the Run and we were taking the curves near 100mph. This year in the 87GT, I felt like I had no traction at all and it was scaring me at 70! Her 87 had wider tires on it than my stock 88 too so it should have held better...

      After that ride I'm sold on the 88s and am glad that my car is being built on a Formula. Even with widetrack, you still have the same suspension as stock.. just wider. I still think the 88 has an advantage in that case.

      The mounts on the 88 4-banger and different than the ones on the 88 V-6 but the cradles are the same. All you have to do is use mounts from the V-6 and you are good to go.
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        Re: An 88 Advantage???

        Just like I say with using spacers, it's more about the ENGINEERING of the car than the compenents you install.

        The 88 was redesigned in terms of it's suspension. The entire front bulkead down to the spindle is stronger and safer. The rear is also more than just links versus a-amrs. It starts with a new cradle. It eliminates bump steer at the very beginning of the list and the benefits go on from there.

        Most folks, when they think about a wide track conversion, don't consider going the full and complete swap including the front bulkhead and new rear cradle so changing just the suspension arms and perhaps the spindles... while it IS an improvement... doens't make it an 88.

        So yeah, there is an advantage. There always will be because the 88 is Engineered better and that's more than skin deep.

        Or even A-Arm deep.

        my .02 cents worth,

        DKOV -


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          Re: An 88 Advantage???

          Another minor advantage is the steering. I have an 86 GT and after reading DKOV's lengthy post about the advantages of 88's last year I ran out an bought an 88 Formula. The steering feels much better in it. Although, after removing the steering damper on the 86 it feels a lot like the formula.
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