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Targa top from t-top parts

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  • Targa top from t-top parts

    I have come across a set of Fiero t-tops and one of the glass is broke, I was thinking about using the t-top hardware and making a targa top from them. I am just not sure how I would make the mount on the car just yet or what material I would use for the roof. Has anybody done this or have any ideas if or how this would work out?
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    Re: Targa top from t-top parts


    If you have the T-Top parts, there should be the latches with them that you can continue to use on a targa section. The rear of the panels should have pointed pieces coming out and the fronts should have clasps that anchor the front down.

    Take your unbroken top and make a mold from it and if you can, do the same from the other piece is parts are not missing from it.

    Lay up your parts in fiberglass and still use the front mounting frame that goes to the rear of the windshield. If you do not have that part then there are ways to get one made. I have a mnold of the top piece but it is not great. It might be a start for that piece and then shape the rest from there. If you go to Dave Newman's build thread, you will see the front mounting piece I am speaking of.

    I also have a full targa piece but it does not have very good of a mounting system. I plan to change it around a bit to make it work better.

    If you go to this thread, you will see what my targa top looks like. Might give you some ideas.

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      Re: Targa top from t-top parts

      This is exactly what I am doing with my AD355. I plan to affix the t-top hardware(installed in the car) to the fiberglass roof, then cut. I will then cut the center bar out and run a weather strip all the way across the front and back side of the opening. I will, of course, tie in the chassis prior to removing the roof H-bar. I am basically following Don's lead and advice because I have never seen this done before myself.
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