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Making a Quick Mold to make replacement parts if Kit car is damaged

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  • Making a Quick Mold to make replacement parts if Kit car is damaged

    I spoke to a guy once that said I could wet my car down with water, then throw a thin sheet of plastic to cling to the car. I could buy a spray can product, spray over the plastic to harden. After removing, have a rough mold to build parts. Has anyone ever heard of this? David laRuse.

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    Smooth-on products are really advanced so maybe theres something like that.

    One experiment I would try is coating the needed panels with a none damaging (organic?) release and tin foil tape over that for a base.
    Then hover in place cardboard 3inches on top making for a gap inbetween. Use expanding foam to make a mold, although when releasing it from the car it can damage which might be its biggest fault... then finally coat the foams inside plug to harden it with the following product and see if you can make cloned panels with it, again using tinfoil as a barrier as a precaution.
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      Arash is right for the foam method but there are pretty big risks of breaking as you take the molds off. I have seen people use really wide (3-4") Teflon tape that they apply to the part surface and then put polyester resin over (fiberglass) molds. There is always the risk that something will leak through to the surface of the part and if you are looking to have NO damage to the part, that is a bit of a stretch no matter what you do.

      Do a Google search on different ways to make molds and there may be one that meets your requirements. Whatever you do, really make sure you are doing several coats of mold wax and parting tool coating on whatever you are molding though to help reduce the possibility of damaging the part or paint.

      Good luck and write back if you find something you like.

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        Take a look at these guys, the subtitles work, might help you with a way of moulding off car panels


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          It depends on how big the part you are molding is. If its an existing fender or whatever on a car, the best way is to first wax that area, then spray a water based mold release over the part. "Part-All" makes some good sprayable products that cure fast and create a very protective barrier on the surface of what you are molding. Once this is applied, coat the area will tooling gelcoat, followed by a few layers of fiberglass matt. Once cured, the mold will be easily removed by lifting one area and spraying water between the part and mold. I've molded thousands of parts in my life, this process has always created a perfect and durable mold that will last many years if cared for.
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            An Angle grinder may help you in this case I think to work smoothly and read this guide
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