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    I'm building a mid-engine second series Corvair that will have a SBC mated to a Porsche 915 transaxle and a C5 Corvette rear suspension. I'm looking for custom axle suppliers. I've done alot or searching on the web but not finding much that seems to fit my need. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    I needed to mate two different drive shafts together, there are companies in the uk that will make drive shafts to suite at a cost, how ever I ended up welding mine. First I put them on the lathe, sleeved them, preheated, then welded with high tensile rods, then turned them down back in the lathe. Works a treat, the truning back down in the lathe also balances the shafts also confirmed that they were straight.
    Basically what I'm saying is that as long as you have the drive shafts for both sides, any machine shop should be able to make them. Click image for larger version

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      Another way to get custom axles made is to remove the outer joints from the Corvette half shafts and measure the diameter and spline count required. Then do the same for the Porsche 915 inner joints. That gives you the spline counts and axle rod diameters you'll need at either end of the axle rod. Next, calculate the length of the axle rod required by installing the bare inner and outer CV joints in their respective mating components with the suspension at ride height. One of the joints will have the ability to extend or compress so make sure it's in the centered position, then measure the distance between the two joints accounting for the extra length needed to engage the splines. That should give you everything you need to spec out an axle rod: spline diameter and count at either end, and the length.

      If you've already gotten to this point and are simply looking for someone to machine a new axle rod, then there are two ways to go about it. The first is to send your dimensions to a company like Mosher who will fabricate custom axle rods to your specs. The cheaper way is to find an alternate vehicle that has axle rods long enough to cut off the factory splined ends and still have enough length for new splines to be machined on either end, provided the donor axle is large enough in diameter. For example, I made hybrid axles using Fiero outer CV joints, Cobalt SS inner tripot joints (both which needed a minimum 27mm diameter axle rod), and found that passenger side Dodge Caravan axles were the right diameter and several inches longer than I needed. For $75 I had a local machine shop cut and re-spline two axle rods allowing me to slide the inner Cobalt and outer Fiero CV joints onto it. You need to find a machine ship with a common metal lathe, and a somewhat less common dividing head to index the axle properly to cut the splines. For more about how I did it, check out the link here in my blog:

      POST #53: Hybrid Axles (Part 1) (
      POST #54: Hybrid Axles (Part 2) (


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        The drive shaft shop. They are located somewhere on the east coast I think. I have used them and they make good stuff.


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          Originally posted by txbuilder View Post
          The drive shaft shop. They are located somewhere on the east coast I think. I have used them and they make good stuff.
          My friend might need a custom cv axle soon. We'll confirm that once the new tires from 4Wheelonline arrived. We're gonna look for that shop.


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            I have also used the welded axles like above.
            Properly done they have held, even at 4x the hp they were originally intended for.


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