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  • CA Registration As Special Vehicle

    I have a 1985 2.8 (with 4 speed) and I'd like to swap for a 3800SC, but here in calif. it won't pass the visual part of smog test only because the 3800SC wasn't available from the factory with a manual trans. I'm thinking that if I re-title the car as Special Vehicle/Special Construction/Remanufactured, I can probably put in whatever I want. Anybody have experience with registering a vehicle like this in calif ? Did it cause auto insurance to go up ?

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    Re: CA Registration As Special Vehicle

    I am in the same boat, 3800sc 5 speed on my 355 Spyder , and I live in the state of California, I have no idea how to tackle this, but if anyone else has please speak up ! ! :


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      Re: CA Registration As Special Vehicle

      Hay guys, It's Gerard. I live in Cali to. I hate to break the news to you but as long as the frame was built by a manufacturer and the frame was givin a vin#. You can not change the registration. The only way you can change it to a specialty car is if you build it on a tubular frame or if the original frame on the car is older then 1975. Then only thing you can do as far as insurance goes is to insurance it as a show car. But if you are going to drive it then you insure it as a hotrod. As far as the price on that good luck (it is alot, especialy in L.A.)


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        Re: CA Registration As Special Vehicle

        How about registering the car to an address, say a PO Box, outside of Cal.  like Nevada or Oregon.  Possible?  Or, how about changing the transaxle back to what the engine had originally like a 4T60E?


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          Re: CA Registration As Special Vehicle

          I am from CA and have done the whole
          phone tree and go around with the DMV,
          CHP and DOC.

          Here is the clear dope...

          In the case of my Lambo kit car based on fiero,
          I will be altering the frame, putting in LT-1 and
          Audi 5000 trans.

          1. I have to file for a SCV permit - special constructed
          2. Then I have to file for a SB100 smog exemption certificate.
          500 SB100s are issued each year. This is a new law that
          was passed in 2000 specifically for kit cars.

          Look into it and you will see that the SB100 is what you want.


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            Re: CA Registration As Special Vehicle

            My buddy has a twin turbo 2.8 and has it registered as a speciality car here in Ca. He did have to have it inspected by the CHPto ensure it met all safety standards which it did. He's recquired to get it smogged as usual. The visual inspection is not a problem for him. His car was initially a Duke and then changed over. As long as it's clean out of the pipe he passes.
            Me personally I am just registering mine as a it's non-op. As long as it has the original Vin# i need no inspections. Smog for me will not be a problem because I still have the 2.8. As far as I understand you can put any motor/tranny setup in as long as it was offered that way in a production vehicle. It would then be smogged to those specs.


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