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    I was a member of the forum about 2 years ago, didn't do much posting, but did a lot of research and a lot of reading.  After what seems like forever, I am back.  I am sorry to see so many of you have had problems with Scott.  During the time that I was a member, he and I became friends and exchanged numerous emails and ideas.  He had invited me to see his shop and at one time we had discussed working together on some projects, however none of it happened due to personal conflicts in my life and the death in his family.  I did not ever do business with him, but he was a good guy to me.  I am not posting this in the DKOV thread because I'm not going to say any more about the issue.

    I am posting this as a question to all members:  I noticed the thread about bike engines being used, which I had once thought about also, but discarded later as I tried to figure out the details.  Scott and I had talked a lot about using a 3.4L TDC V6.  I was curious if any of you have thought or tried this conversion.  I would like to mate it to a six speed transmission, but I'm not sure what would fit.  If I can get this to work, I plan on having the engine seriously built, and using twin turbos.  Just curious about your thoughts, and thanks in advance.


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