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Wire Harness Question For 1986 2.8 auto

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  • Wire Harness Question For 1986 2.8 auto

    After a dog (seriously!) chewed up my harness I have given up on my vain search to replace it. So I sat for hours splicing, soldering and heat shrinking. Now I am left with a final problem...that I know of. There are five wires remaining which I believe go to relays, which are probably burried in a field somewhere. Maybe for the fuel pump, a/c and cooling fan. The colors are green, dark blue, light blue, black with white stripe, and dark brown. The wires exit out of the harness about a foot before the bulk of them enter into the firewall into the ecm. Any info on this will be greatly appreciated.
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    Re: Wire Harness Question For 1986 2.8 auto

     blk/white-------- only thing i can find   seems to go to cruise.. 

    dk blue ----------  is either  backup lights  or  cruise .

    lt blue  ----- cant find listed in service man.   but  do in  my harness   looks to be  taillight/rear marker /lisc plate lamp   ( wire  shows in man  suppsoe to brown but  is lt blue in my harness ). 

     dk grn -------  shows  inst panel  or trunk ajar.
    .  brown-----  shows to be   charging system  or  taillight/rear marker/lisc plate lamp.

    hope it helps////
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      Re: Wire Harness Question For 1986 2.8 auto

      O.K.....I got it figured out...kinda. I found a relay that had the same wire colors to match the harness. But! There are two black wires with a white stripe. One goes to a relay and the other goes...????? I don't have cruise, so... Hey, if it will run, I don't care. Any other ideas what this wire goes to? Thanks for your input JBrown! The motor is going in, in the morning. I can get to the wire later. At least I'm not trying to figure out a rainbow of wires now!


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