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  • 3800 series 1 swap

    ILL PAY $$
    Hello, I am in the buffalo ny area and I need help. I just bought a 85 fiero/italian sportscar replica and with it came a series one 3800---I know very little about mechanics and my mechanic buddy said he does not like wiring and to find someone else to do it. I just got a job and I am working 10-12 hrs a day and 13 out of 14 days straight so needless to say I have no time to do this engine swap. Is there anyone local (buffalo NY) that could do this for me. Again it i s a series I 3800, I have the correct flywheel, computer , and the fiero wiring harness. I am looking for motor mounts and exhaust now. If someone could let me know how much they would charge and how long it would take Id apreciate it.

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    Re: 3800 series 1 swap

    I can offer my help since I've done complete wiring projects on my cars and I like doing them....However, I'm about 6-7 hours south of Buffalo in Poughkeepsie, NY. I also have a couple of Fiero cars and a shop....Sorry I can't come to Buffalo to work on your project...Your best bet is to locate a shop specializing in this kind of service in Buffalo or maybe look online for people who have done this type of swap (there are plenty of 3800 swaps and websites with details)....Look in the Pennock Fiero Forum and ask questions in there....The Fiero forum website is below:

    Best of luck with your project

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