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Anyone ever done this to Mera/308/328 quarter windows/louvers??

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  • Anyone ever done this to Mera/308/328 quarter windows/louvers??

    The two related things that've always bugged me about my Mera (1) the side louvers over non-existent quarter panel windows are fake. (They're also a little oddly shaped proportion-wise, adding to the fake-ness.) And (2), having no quarter windows really kills your visibility.

    Anyway, for some time I've been considering using replacement windows like those found on 86-88 GT Fieros and 355 kits. Check out these and let me know what you think. I know I'd be losing part of the classic look, but I think a nice, real window would be more authentic than a fake louver.

    Has anybody done this with a Mera/328 type kit before? My concern is structural integrity. Obviously I'm going to need to cut a hole in the quarter area for the window... Since this Mera is on a Fiero that would've have the window holes, is it likely the holes are there under the Mera body?

    Here I like the clear window:

    If I went with this part, I'd get the turbo scoop with tinted window:

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    Re: Anyone ever done this to Mera/308/328 quarter windows/louvers??

    Since my car is a hardtop car, I'm designing my own Windows in place of the louvers. I'd rather have it look like a GTB not a cross between a GBT and GTS.

    I'm not sure if they windows in your links will fit correctly in the space that is currently available. I stopped by a auto glass shop and checked out some OEM side glass from various cars but nothing seem to work. I also spoke to a guy who designs custom glass to see if it would be cost effective to have some side glass made.

    I agree. I've always hated the louvers (and the hood louvers as well). Keep checking the forum, I had some custom extruded aluminum made and I'm doing some custom headlight grilles and real center hood grille as well. (2 other things I've always hated about these cars ...

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