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USA special offer on Enzo Design EDF430

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  • USA special offer on Enzo Design EDF430

    I know everyone hurts during these difficult times but we've had a opportunity and we're trying to make the best of it and help buyers in America, and i guess ourselves too!

    We have qualified for a British trade incentive (DTi) with our Amillim race car to send it to America for a race series in 2011. This means that all of our products qualify for a business relief to the USA this is because we manufacture all of it in-house and we are now classed as "AUTOMOTIVE MANUFACTURE" status (whilst we dont make the raw castings for the wheels we do the machining of them so they still qualify), and i thought Lord Mandelson was no use at all!

    I can get my kits shipped in via AIR Frieght so its a 3 to 5 day service by UPS to San Francisco, Florida or to New York, this includes the port side fees (ie the customs agent's fee to get clearence and collect payment of import duty paid) So its ready for you to collect from the customs house and all you need to do is turn up with a large van/trailer pay the duty (3.5% if i am correct on auto parts) and away you go.

    What we are supplying is a total kit. so our own replica wheels/tyres and 4 to 5 lug adapters. our body conversion complete kit (in primer too as we've got our new 4 car spray booth up and running and it also helps you guys save), quad pipe stainless exhaust, complete replacement shocker/spring kit with camber/castor adjustable top plates and spring rate adjustment and damping rate adjustment etc...

    You can even have the scuderia option (its no extra cost as its always been)
    everything below:

    Front bumper
    Option Scuderia front bumper
    Front bumper grille set 5 pieces
    Nosecone (front clip)
    Bonnet with inner prebonded
    Bonnet catch
    Bonnet hinges x2
    Headlamp bowl x2
    Xenon headlamp units with halo sidelight x2
    Headlamp mounting brakets x2
    Indicator units x2 (Hella)
    Side indicator units x2 (option clear or amber)
    Front wheel well black liner x2
    Left + Right doors complete with pre bonded inners
    Door solenoid release motors x2
    Door solenoid switches x2
    Door mirrors (folding and electric movement) x2
    Door mirror cheetah panels (fit to window edge) x2
    Door mirror glass x2
    Left + Right sill (rockers)
    Left + Right sill grilles.
    Left and Right rear wings
    Left and Right rear wing grilles
    Left and Right rear bulkheads
    Left and right hood (roof) mounting panels
    Hood (roof) front trim panel
    Hood (roof) main cover panel
    Hood (roof) finishing cover x2
    Rear engine cover
    Fake V8 engine top
    Rear engine cover grilles x2
    Rear engine cover viewing screen
    Rear engine cover support frame
    Left and Right wheel well liner
    Rear bumper
    Option Scuderia rear bumper
    Rear bumper grille insert
    Rear diffuser
    Option Scuderia rear diffuser
    Diffuser grille
    2 outer rear light units
    2 inner rear light units
    “brembo” labelled plastic brake caliper covers x4
    Mohair hood (roof) replacement cover
    Fitting kit consisting of various nuts bolts and rubber finishing trims.
    Stainless steel low level quad exhaust
    Stainless steel high level twin Scuderia exhaust
    4 to 5 stud Hub adapters to allow fitment of 5 x 100 pcd wheels with all new bolts and fittings.
    suspension kit consisting off 4 new shockabsorbers with adjustable damping, 4 new springs with adjustable hieght and rate, 4 new top mounts with front adjustable for castor and camber corrections.
    replica 8 by 18 alloy wheels with Falken 452 tyres
    Interior comprehensive kit including complete dashboard replacement, new door trims, centre console Both LHD and RHD available, seat conversion kit.

    There are many factors for this pricing, UPS have offered me a cracking deal, we bought 20 wooden crates on a deal from a house moving company, the DTi relief, so whilst this is for the USA it is only to these destinations so i am afraid youll have to be responsible for the collection on this deal, (we can do to the door but it adds about $1000 and has to be to a business address)

    Hope this helps anyone after a deal for a full kit.

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    Re: USA special offer on Enzo Design EDF430

    PHOTOS needed.....
    Life is too short to be driving Hondas!


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      Re: USA special offer on Enzo Design EDF430

      Pics of the interior please.


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        Re: USA special offer on Enzo Design EDF430

        Come on guys, we need a bit more detailed information on the kit. thanks


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          Re: USA special offer on Enzo Design EDF430

          what car does the kit go on.


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            Re: USA special offer on Enzo Design EDF430

            its for the toyota mr2 roadster, also known as the mrS or spyder made from 2000 to 2007


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              Re: USA special offer on Enzo Design EDF430

              BUMP!!! PICS!!!


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                Re: USA special offer on Enzo Design EDF430

                THAT SOUNDS AWESOME!!!!!
                Can't wait to see the pics!


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                  Re: USA special offer on Enzo Design EDF430

                  There are a few on his website if you click the globe under his user name.

                  308 Ferrari replica
                  Prova Countach 5000S


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                    Re: USA special offer on Enzo Design EDF430

                    interior images see these links




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