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fieroguru Lateral Link Relocation Kit - for 88 fieros

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  • fieroguru Lateral Link Relocation Kit - for 88 fieros

    I am pleased to offer the fieroguru Lateral Link Relocation Kit for $350 shipped to US and Canada.

    These kits will not fit 15" wheels.
    They fit a 16" x 7" (38ET) wheel with stick on wheel weights, but fitment on other 16" sizes will depend on the specs of the wheels.
    They fit 17" and larger wheels w/o issue.

    This kit relocates the lateral link (and trailing link) connection points at the upright 1 1/2" lower. So when installed on a Fiero that is lowered 1 1/2", the stock geometry is restored. If installed on a stock height Fiero, then the rear camber curve is improved (more negative camber gain under compression). The details of the development of this kit are shared in this thread: 88 Lateral Link Relocation To Improve Camber Curve - especially when lowered - Pennock's Fiero Forum

    Here are some pictures showing the stock geometry at stock height & lowered 1 1/2" and this kit installed at stock height and lowered 1 1/2".
    Stock Fiero at stock ride height (near level lateral links):

    Stock Fiero lowered 1 1/2" (very poor geometry)

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    Fiero lowered 1 1/2" with the fieroguru lateral link relocation kit installed (geometry restored to stock ride height):

    Fiero at stock ride height with the fieroguru lateral link relocation kit installed (more favorable geometry with improved camber curve):

    Here are some various pictures of the relocation brackets:


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      More pics:

      If interested in purchasing a set, please PM me for ordering/payment details.


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        I have everything for 2 more of these kits.


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          No offense but the price is a bit steep to sell a bunch of these. $350 for a few welded pieces of metal and bolts is way too much people would spend on these cars. Sorry, not trying to put you or your work down. Goodluck.


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            The kit has 12 pieces that are cut/welded.

            I focus on 88 only products and fully know that I won't see any significant volume, but I am here for the ones who want to improve the breaking/handling of their 88.


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              You have my respect if you are not looking to make a fortune.


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