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For Sale: Extreme F430 Kit stage 1 build ready for filler/paint

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  • For Sale: Extreme F430 Kit stage 1 build ready for filler/paint

    #### UK Only ####

    It is with great regret that I now need to sell my Extreme F430 built to stage 1 this is due to personal reasons that I dont want to go into.

    It has been built on a donor of a superb example 2001 Peugeot 406 3.0L V6 Coupe D9 model...not a Cat C or D.

    The car has 88k miles on it and is MOT'd until Aug 1st 2012, the V5 is in my name.

    Up to now, I have invested the following:

    Donor car 406 3.0L V6........................1500
    Extreme body kit................................6000
    Fake engine/2 seater kit........................600
    Dampertech suspension kit.....................700
    Extreme suspension parts.......................150
    Stage 1 build costs..............................3000
    Plus lots of other bits to get to stage 1....????
    Total 11950

    This car has been built with care and attention to safety and detail.

    I stripped the car down myself, but I employed the use of Auto Transformations, who I consider to be one of the best kit car building companies around, (contact fox_man_chris for confirmation as they built his car for him!) to carry out all of the structural work and welding, which they have done in a professional manner and to a high standard.

    The car has had all of the suspension kit installed (i.e. fully lowered) and uses the "new" solution where the Wishbones have been altered
    (professionally by Extreme), the driveshafts have been extended (professional by Auto Transformations) and the track rods are extended with the extreme supplied parts, new track rod ends have also been fitted. This means that the wheel spacers for the front wheels will be much smaller than the previous solution and will therefore produce less wear on the front wheel bearings and better handling.

    Auto Transformations have also altered the subframe so that the 430 kit fits on correctly, as before the alteration, the rear quarters bind on
    the frame and won't sit properly, the frame also has been altered to mount an original 430 rear silencer (see pictures linked below)

    The car is sat with Auto Transformations in their workshop at this time as they are still completing the stage 1 build to get the car up to a
    completely bodied stage. This WILL be ready for July.

    The next stage would be to filler and sand the car and prep for and paint it, which they would have done ALL of this for me for only 2500!
    I have talked to Auto Transformations, and they will extend this offer to whomever buys the car, or, the buyer can take it away to complete it
    themselves, it would be up to new owner.


    as it has all been paid for up to stage 1 build or pay 2500 to Auto Transformations and get the car back all painted to any colour of your choice! (this can be confirmed by ringing them and they can be found on this forum!)

    This is a great opportunity for someone who wants one of these excellent inch perfect replica Ferrari F430 kit cars from the best kit car
    producer around and doesn't want to wait months for the kit to be made by Extreme and then wait even longer for all of the extra work to be
    done after that.

    I would say that, after the Stage 1 build has completed, about 2-3 months work (depending on spray shop time...) is left in this project
    to get it on the road.

    I have also aquired an Original Ferrari 430 Rear silencer and pipes (cost me 700) and also a full set of pattern rear lights (4 lights
    plus 3rd rear) and side repeaters (costs me 650) and I will give the new owner the option to buy both of these off me for 1200, or I
    can sell these seperately if they do not want them.

    I have a build thread which runs up to when Auto Transformations took the car in to finish the stage 1 build and it can be viewed here:

    If you have "builder" status on Extreme OC:,1949.0.html
    If you have a madmechanics login go here:
    If you have non of the above, go here Phils Ferrari F430 build blog

    I am looking for around 10,500 for the car, or 11,700 including the exhaust and lights.

    Please feel free to contact me for more detail if you need them.

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      Oh man, Im really sorry !
      Good luck with the sale !


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