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found a nice priced avenger replica

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  • found a nice priced avenger replica

    Replica/Kit Makes : Avenger 2 door Replica/Kit Makes : Avenger 2 door | eBay

    3k minor work needed :| wow i wish i had money

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    That was the first kit car I ever built 20 years ago. Built it on a vw pan.
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      its a beauty mate!


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        Was my first kit as well , back in the 90's. I had a fiberfab avenger, story was it was the last body built before they went out of business the first time. It was on a custom chassis with corvair flat 6 and porsche trans...... The guy I bought kit from had already got it titled yet car was never finished,,,, Tennessee had actually titled it as a 1976 Fiberfab Avenger.... The car now sets in a junk yard behind guys house. I had sold it to his son and his son killed himself... The title , build manual and all the extras were lost and he wanted way to much for chassis and body with the damage that had been done by his son
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