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360 FOR SALE my Complete EXTREME 360!!!! Offers!! Loads of real parts!

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  • 360 FOR SALE my Complete EXTREME 360!!!! Offers!! Loads of real parts!

    I've been doing up my Extreme 360 for the past 2 years, and now I'm going travelling so I'm going to have to sell her. shes a beaut!

    This is not the inaccurate MR2 DNA kit. this is the size and shape perfect Extreme replica. each panel was moulded off the real car.

    -Full 12 months MOT
    - 3.0l v6 406, so not shy when you put the foot down. I was 24 when I first insured her with osbourne and sons only 420
    - Genuine Ferrari 360 Exhaust system, sounds amazing, exactly like the real thing. no long tail pipes and dull low noise. just high growling.
    - genuine ferrari rear boot glass. not a huge plastic expanse, has the ferrari emblem on too!
    - genuine ferrari rear engine vent mesh, around the lights. looks bees knees not the cheap plastic panel that most have.
    - 19" split rims with spacers match the colour of the car perfectly.
    - Genuine Brembo big disc conversion. this is pretty much the same system that ferrari fit, so all real discs all round no fake disc package.
    - REAL FERRARI KEY. This car starts and uses a real ferrari key. no sign of the peurgeot one in sight. its not a copy its a real 360 key. with the sideways blade and everything. once inserted then use the push start.
    - Full white carbonfibre and white leather interior. the door cards are white leather and the seats with certain parts of the dash and centre console have been vinyled over with white carbon fibre.
    - Speedo has been converted to Plasma Dials with white and light blue glow, and matching pioneer stereo. if you dont know what plasma dials are then check them out on google they look awesome. Speedo and rev counter need recalibrating but fuel, oli and water temp work great.
    - Full H gate Gear lever system with white carbon fibre backplate.
    - Full 2 seat Conversion coated in black leather and the roof lining in black leather with tinted perspex window to engine bay.
    - Full extreme engine bay. rough coated header like real ferrari, 2 clio throttle bodies, ferrari emblems the works, looks great.
    - 2 white leather bucket seats with ferrari emblems and race harnesses with ferrari shoulder pads.

    So what are the bad pionts you ask. Well to be honest like any kit car it has the odd rough edge here and there, but its not bad. The the car does not have any door locks fitted as yet. (alot dont) I always planned to and never needed to, its really not an issue. you can buy the kits for 40 off ebay. oh and she still has plastic side windows. I yet havent found anyone who has produced glass ones. one of the windows has a small crack 1.5 inch long and is a little scratched. these are around 20 from extreme to replace. not urgent though. the drivers side window switch could do with being replaced it has a some water damage so wont open the passenger side from there. easy to replace. I might try and sort this before it sells. the window wiper connection is a little faulty but I will try and fix this also. these are all very minor and overall she is pretty gorgeous. please come look and call me with any questions.

    I havent a clue what to charge for her so offers are welcome and also if anyone would like to suggest what price range I should charge I welcome the suggestions. Bear in mind the alloys, and the genuine ferrari parts were 5k+ alone.

    Offers Welcome> or 07717002420

    Click image for larger version

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    How much do you want ?? And where are you located ??


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