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Selling my AD355 project

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  • Selling my AD355 project

    I have decided to sell my AD355 berlinetta (could be converted back into a spider) kit along with everything I have for it. I have over $19,000 into this project so far and I am looking for a quick sale at $7500.00 firm. A new AD355 kit will cost you almost that alone. I have not had time to work on this project in 2 years and could use the money now.

    Just to be clear....This is a project and will need a lot of work to complete. so do not expect a finished car.

    Here is a photo of the car with the panels sitting in place, they are not attached:

    Here is what I have:

    AD355 kit includes (fiberglass):
    • 2 front fenders
    • front bumper
    • front cowl panel (goes between the hood and bumper)
    • Outer Hood (355 style for extended windshield)
    • Hood vent
    • Inner hood - partially customized to accept the extended windshield, duel hood latches and the OEM inner vent
    • Both doors - modified to accept the OEM door vents - both doors are partially completed with the new vents
    • 2 rear quarters - molded off a real 355
    • full coupe (berlinetta) roof panel
    • Side rocker panels - both sides
    • Engine cover - reinforced but needs completing
    • Rear bumper
    • Front bumper mounting bracket (heavy gauge steel tubing to mount the front bumper to the car)
    • Extended windshield tray
    • Extended windshield
    • Lexan rear quarter glass - from Mark Clapp on this forum

    OEM parts included with the sale:
    • Full headlight assemblies including buckets, headlights and motors
    • Drivers and passengers side mirrors
    • Rear valance with horse emblem (large panel that sits above the rear bumper)
    • Rear grill with brake light
    • all 4 side marker lights
    • front turn signal lights
    • 348 muffler
    • 355 rims and tires
    • outer door handles
    • Front hood latches
    • Engine cover latch
    • rear quarter glass - one side
    • I am sure there is more that I am missing....

    • 1987 fiero GT
    • 5 speed
    • stretched 3" and reinforced - spot welded - needs to be finished welding
    • 2" front tube control arms - these are not completed and need to be welded - passengers side is 95% done and drivers side needs to be put together
    • 4 - drilled and slotted brake rotors for the lebarron brake upgrade (directions and whats needed to complete are well documented on the fiero forum)
    • 4.9 Cadillac V8 installed - but not connected - needs flywheel, clutch wiring etc but custom engine installation mounts have been built
    • Windshield wipers relocated for the extended windshield
    • hood latches (front) installed with custom brackets
    • Rhode Island does not issue titles on cars over 10 years old however I do have the title, just not in my name.

    Here is a photo of the heavily modified chassis with extra reinforcements:

    Link to the build diary which has more detail of the build:

    I do not need to sell this project so please don't try to low ball me. The price is firm. I will just keep it if it doesn't sell.

    Send me a PM and I will get back to you.

    Ferrari Berlinetta
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        Aw Glenn;

        Sorry to see it go but I hear you on not working on the projects. I wish I could take the panels off your hands at least but just not in the cards for now....

        Good luck with the sale and maybe if you are out there looking at it, you will get energized again......

        Take care
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          Where are you located exactly?


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            Originally posted by onewickedsvt View Post
            Where are you located exactly?
            Northern Rhode Island near the Mass line. Let me know if you want to come see it.


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              Updated original post with a set of lexan rear quarter glass and 1 side of an OEM rear glass


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                    Have you also posted over on the site? Seems to be a bit more movement over there for sales....

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                      I didn't even consider posting over there too.. Thanks!!!!


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