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15k For a completed G28

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  • 15k For a completed G28

    Lamborghini Murcielago replica

    I'm posting for anyone who's trying to get an LP640 at a rock bottom price. GET ON IT!

    Fully completed. looks like crap but if your only 15k for it. you can go back and remodel it to your liking.

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    Just be careful, alot of these "deals" are just spammers trying to get your email and then reselling it to other spammers who will take over your email and send out their spam to everyone on your contact list (never click on an link or open attachments in an email that you don't know or trust)! Ask me how I know! A key giveaway is that there is no phone number listed.
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      there are so many scammers on CL either hassling buyers or sellers. As a seller I do not put my phone # on my ads either. I get tons of phony inquiries "is it available" etc...i guess just to scrape my email address for spammers. CL needs to have a 2 way blind email system.

      I just replied to this ad w/ my spam email address and told them I'll be in LA sunday and want to look at the car ( i will be in town then)
      White Fugazzi Bentley Supersport Convertible GTC


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        looks likes hes down to 10k, and hes leaving the country asap. sounds like hes on the run lol
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