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WTB Lambo Murci unfinished project.

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  • WTB Lambo Murci unfinished project.

    i am in the market for an unfinished project. one that is maybe almost complete?

    what i am looking for
    -body mounted and some body work done.
    -working windows and doors
    -car is running
    -has all glasses installed

    let me know what you have thanks for ready
    i dont know what my budget is yet. but send me offers of what you have.

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    try these guys they might have a finished car available .... Mason Motor Company Dragon


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      Hello Tony. welcome to this crazy site.

      There are many options! what options do you want from this Murci Build?

      Chassis: Fiero, MR2, Boxster, Other Donor, Tube Chassis?
      Engine & hp: N/A, Super Charged, Turbo, V8, Etc?
      Aminities: A/C, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Etc.

      And then, do you want it to look OEM? I mean the Door Handles, Fuel Door, Lights, Mirror Work, Interior, Etc.?

      Think of these things...

      Also, there are NO glass windows for G28 (Murcy) Kits either for coupe or roadster yet - we r working on it but not yet lol in need of some g28 door glass asap some one help Let alone them functioning up and down!

      Besides other things too...


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        Hi Everyone

        well i couldn't wait so i bought a used 1985 Fiero GT. i am located in Colorado, so im interested in a Murci kit with hard top. Still dont know what budget yet. i know i will see this project through!!

        Also thanks for the replys.

        Am33r- i was thinking of the v8 swap, and keep all Amenities. I know i have to get the Fiero stretch 10.5" correct? Also any vendors do you recommend for a full kit with interior? Maybe Murci-2? less body work the better.

        if you have any tips for a beginner i would greatly appreciated it!

        oh btw by no means i am a novice to automobile. I been in the Honda scene and done alot of motor swaps, wiring, body work and etc.


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          I don't want to be critical, but the lambo kit is by far the most difficult kit for anyone to build. Also, plan to spend a minimum of $25K on the build doing everything yourself. If you don't have the funds for that, you probably want to choose another project.

          I would also recommend that you either build the kit or do an engine swap, not both at the same time. Phase 1 of the build is either a Fiero with a big engine, or an underpowered but finished lambo kit, then after you've driven it for a while, have phase 2 be the other option. The most bang for your buck engine swap is the 3800 SuperCharged.

          Seeing as you posted here, and bought a donor 5 hrs later, I imagine that will fall on deaf ears tho...

          Different kits have different requirements. They range from 10 to 10.5 to 11. I'd measure the kit you buy. Also, DON'T cut off the roof until you've braced the floorpan.

          CarKitInc sells the most inexpensive kit, but you get what you pay for. John Watson sells a more accurate, but twice as expensive kit.

          There's also a kit in Michigan from

          Rob at sells kits also. Recently, he's come under scrutiny as a scammer, so if you go that route, pay for the kit when you pick it up. Be careful parting with your money; this industry is full of scammers. Good luck.


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            I agree with RHK definitely think of a 2-Stage Build.
            Besides power train & axels upgrades you will also deal with wider suspension mod, steering column mod, brake system mod, and interior mod just to mention a few things to consider for stage 2 work... And if you do all those then consider $35K rather than $25K


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              Thanks for you input and suggestions! i been lurking on here for almost 1-2 years. Read up on alot of build thread progress "other sites too" and see alot of people get scammed. I do at lease research before i just send people money for non written agreements. I appreciate your input RHK, it been something i been wanting to do. I been doing alot of reasearch but actual start wont be anytime soon. That is why i bought a donor so quickly. So i could upgrade the engine, suspension and etc first. Then focus on the exterior last. i was looking to get a LS1, or northstar engine. depending on what suits what i want it for. Then its all fair game. but at the moment, just gathering a list of upgrades/to do list.

              My budget is up there, so its no problems. like i said, i like seeing my project through and finished. I am just making sure i get what i pay for when i send my money.
              i read alot of rumors about vendors going "a-wall" and are questionable. that why i ask input on trust worth vendors from builders. if not, ill do more research.

              again input and suggestion are welcomed


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