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  • Koenig Countach Replica For Sale

    Selling my Koenig Countach replica. I bought it about 2 years ago about the way it is now. I put 3 new brake calipers on it, and a few other odds and ends. It's a nice car, but needs some work to be a really nice car.

    The car has an odd history. The police seized the car in a drug raid. The car was half completed, and the cops finished it off. They put DARE stickers all over it, added a CB and light bar, and made it a parade car for the DARE program.

    Here's a video of the car driving:
    VID 20130701 201016 357 - YouTube

    Here's a walkaround video:
    VID 20130701 201259 657 - YouTube

    The Good:
    -The car runs and drives, it's a V6 automatic
    -stretched to the proper length
    -it gets a TON of attention. I really can't believe it. The first day I drove it, I was following someone who was driving really slow, and they were all over the road. I almost thought they were drunk! When I looked closer, I saw the guy holding up his phone to take a picture in the rear view of my car! Every time I stop to get gas, people come over and ask me about the car. If I park it and go in a store or something, I'll usually come back to the car to find people taking family photos in front of the car. It's just nuts. To tell you the truth, I didn't buy the car to get attention, so I'm kind of embarassed about it!

    The bad:
    -The mirrors are cheap, generic mirrors that mount to any car. The shape of the Countach door is unique, so they don't mount the same way as normal cars, meaning the mirrors don't ever point where you need them. You can get a set of correct mirrors for $100. Actually, I tried to buy a pair from a guy on here, but got scammed
    -The interior is ok, but needs work to make the car more convincing. The A pillars have no cover, so you can see bare welded steel. The drivers seat has come unstitched, Could probably be repaired without much effort. The seats are actually pretty nice. The dash is nice too, but there's a cb radio mounted on the passenger side. The shift gate looks ridiculous and needs replaced. The horn button is stock Fiero, with the Fiero logo crudely chiseled off. Door cards are missing, but were originally just masonite with black carpet attached.
    -The car has a vinyl graphic of an eagle. The graphic can be removed, so don't worry about it. My son and father liked it, so I left it on so I didn't have to hear them complain.
    -The car is a stock Fiero v6. I love Fieros, but it's underpowered for an exotic car replica.
    -door hinges and latches could use some work.
    - the front uses wheel spacers, which limits how much the front wheels can turn. It's not a big issue, but parking lots can be kind of a pain.
    - the paint is actually really good, but there are a couple stress cracks in the doors, and a couple places where the doors and hood have rubbed.

    Don't get me wrong, the car is a great car, I just don't want any surprises, so I'm listing all of it's faults! The car can be driven as is, and doesn't NEED the work, but to make it a nice, convincing, comfortable car, the things I noted need attention.

    I think the car's worth $10K, I'm pretty firm on that price. Feel free to send me a PM or email - r67en [AT]
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