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F430 indicator lights

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  • F430 indicator lights

    Hi all,

    Been working on the indicator lights for my 430 build...see pictures below..

    If you need a set, send me a PM...

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      Will post pictures of the finished product soon!



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        oooo. That looks like a lot of work. What did you make it out of?
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          Well... I ended up redoing them as the shape wasnt correct!! Friend of mine has oem headlights so i had the chance to check them out, so that is how i have found out...

          Below i describe the process:

          I found out that a can of cat food has the perfect diameter/shape... Only about 5 mil. Difference...
          Sanded the can... The applyed bodyfiller...then sanded into shape...then I carved the line using a lollipop mill...the lense that i will be using comes from a 2005 volvo s40... It fits perfectly!!

          Next step was to paint it black ( because i use white gel coat for the mold and black gel coat for the final product because i have to paint it silver) then applyed a clearcoat for a nice, shinny finish...

          Then i made the mold bracket...

          Then it was time to lay up glass...

          Now they have EXACTLY the same size as oem...heheh

          Next up is the wires and bulb fitting etc..
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            Hea, Good job! People just don't realize all the had work that goes into these cars. They just say..... Oh, it's just a kit car.....

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              Yup!! True!! But I must say over here in the Netherlands people respond very positive whem seeing it! However, the fist question always is "when will it be finished?" Then I say "dont want it to be finished, I love building it!" And then they lose you... Hehe lol

              This is the first mold I have made in my life! Hope it turns out well!!
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                Time to mold the other side!

                Adding a feminine touch to it!!!!

                Mold done!!!

                Finished product is following soon!!

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                  Front piece of the first one 90% done.. Only gotta trim off the marked area and close that with a plate.(like oem).. So it doesnt get in the way of the Bi-xenon unit...

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                    Back end com'n soon!! Who would've guessed cat food comes in handy!! Lol

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                      Did you finish them? Please post a picture? How much for 2? Thanks


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                        Hi they are finished... You have to pot in a lens yourself... It is best for you to make the back end yourself becaus it will depend on the donor headlight you are using.

                        Below is a picture of mine. I used the indicator lens out of a volvo s40 2005 headlight..

                        Pm me when interested


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                          Hi Dman, how much for a set of these ? Thanks
                          Building F430 replica based on Toyota Celica 190 T Sport using kit provided by SRC Kit Cars, all advice gratefully received


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