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  • kit part out - lots of OEM parts

    I am now parting out my AD355 kit. This kit was made by John Watson many years back. It started life as a spider which I have since converted over to a coupe. No time or funds to complete the build... All prices include shipping in the 48 states unless stated otherwise. Shipments outside of the 48 states will be slightly more (actual cost over what it cost to ship within the 48 states).

    • OEM Headlight assemblies with linkages and OEM motors $1500.00 shipped (these are the headlights assemblies that Don used to take his molds)
    • AD panels / kit - $ 3800.00 plus shipping (remeber this is a kit so it needs work to complete)
      • front fender - both sides
      • outer hood - extended windshield option
      • partially modified inner hood panel - cut for extened windshield, modified for the OEM air vent and started to add the two side latches
      • doors - both sides with partially installed OEM style vents - need finishing and some repair work
      • OEM style rear quarters converted to coupe panels (do have the old spider top sections)
      • Inner rear valance (for tail light panel)
      • Engine cover - started to add steel supports under it
      • Coupe (roof panel) - 2 pieces split where it would be a GTS includes the A-pillars rear
      • Front bumper
      • Rear Bumper
      • Extended Windshield filler plate
      • Extended Windshield

    • OEM 348 muffler $150 shipped
    • OEM 355 side mirrors - both sides $650.00 shipped
    • Upper rear valance grill with 3rd brake light - $250.00 shipped
    • OEM tail light panel with horse logo - $225.00 shipped
    • OEM outer door handles - both sides - $200.00 shipped
    • barron brake rotors for lebaron conversion drilled and slotted (all 4) - $250.00 shipped (ZERO miles - one or two has surface rust)
    • 2" extended front control arms - partially completed - $200.00 shipped (passengers side 90% complete, drivers side needs to be welded together
    • OEM 355 rims with nice tires - $2500.00 shipped - some scratches but overall nice rims with good tires
    • OEM 355 fuel tank with pump and sensor – best offer
    • OEM 355 side vents (can be seen with the original car door open) – best offer
    • OEM 355 heater box assembly (this is what you see when the trunk is opened up) – best
    • OEM Front turn signals Amber - $150.00
    • OEM side marker lights, 2 front and 2 rear - $100.00 shipped for the set of 4
    • OEM Fog lamps - 1 is good the other has broken off mounting tabs - $75.00 shipped for the pair - lens are not in the best condition but usable
    • OEM turn signal / marker light wiring harness - 1 side $50.00 shipped

    If it is on this list then I still have it for sale. Pending items will be marked as such.

    Paypal is the preferred payment method
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    Any pics of the windshield filler plate,any front turn signals?


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      Originally posted by Skrilla000 View Post
      Any pics of the windshield filler plate,any front turn signals?
      I will get you a photo or two of the windshield filler plate if it ever stops pouring rain here.... The kit is under a car cover. I do have OEM turn signals and all 4 side marker lights as well... forgot about those


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        How much for the front to signals?Are they the clear or amber ones?


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          Originally posted by Skrilla000 View Post
          How much for the front to signals?Are they the clear or amber ones?
          $150.00 shipped for the front turn signals. These are the amber OEM ones I added these to the list


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            Still waiting on pics


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              any interior parts? I'm in need of some gauges


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                Where did the windshield come from? A donor car or is it a custom made?
                And the joke is,<br />when he awoke his,<br />body was covered in Coke fizz !


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