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430 replica steering wheel for sale

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  • 430 replica steering wheel for sale


    I have this 430 replica steering wheel for sale. It is a millimeter precise copy of the original wheel..

    I sell it because I have found an oem wheel for a price that I could not resist!

    It is made from an Audi s-line wheel and took me around 200 hourst to make ( incl studying the shapes, making accurate blueprints etc)

    - The enitire shape is finished using polyurithane, which has the same rubbery texture and density of that of the donor wheel so you dont feel any differences in hardness when holding it.

    - it is just as strong as before ... Also the thickened thumb areas are enforced internaly.

    - It has working horn switches in the rim

    - the aluminum plate is all done and is included

    - it comes with a hi res picture (computer file) of the sticker where the manetino switch is on. You can have it printed on matted plastic for oem look

    What still needs to be done:
    - start button (can be found on ebay) and there are good donor buttons around.

    - placement of relias for the horn switches.

    - back cover under alu plate to cover the start button and manettino.

    - assembly points for the alu plate. I have worked out an idea which i will exlpain when you buy it, also the parts for that are included

    - start button: can be found but some are flimsy... I recommend one (at least the mechanical part) from a ford focus or some sort.. The red switch cap can be 3d printed ..
    - manettino switch... That can be founfd on the game console wheels and they also have the green LED in them.

    - printing of the sticker onder manettino

    - asjustment to splines of your steering coulumn or you can cut out the area around the hole of your donor cars steering wheel and bolt them on. I can supply you a couple of methods you can use.

    - black airbag center cap with logo: The black center cap shown on the picture is oem and is NOT included. However, I will supply a good plastified paper trace so you can make an exact replica. You can make it from fibre glas or even wood which you can cover with leather later. The yello 3d Logo's are widely available on ebay. I can even give you the links to the adds.

    - upholstery

    I'm not looking for a profit, just a reasonable price to help out a fellow builder. I will help the buyer where i can to succesfully finish and install it.

    Send me a PM when you are interested

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      its nice, but i'm planning to sell my build. i need a diesel truck for my line of work. If i was planning to keep it , I would definitely consider buying it. cause i was looking for a steering wheel , a little smaller than the celica .


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        Some pics to prove the accuracy....


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              Just received the oem wheel today.. As you can see the replica is 98% the same once done.... Just a few things left to do as listed...

              Hope to make someone happy with the wheel i have made...

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