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Northstar 355 kit on Ebay

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  • Northstar 355 kit on Ebay

    eBay item number:261426656568

    Nice looking car and could be a real deal for someone. Claims it's an AD kit, but I'm really not so sure.

    I sent this message to the seller:

    You have a BEAUTIFUL car and good luck with the sale! However, I have an Air Dynamics kit. The very last one produced by J.W. It is an "AD355" and bears some striking differences from yours. I don't know why. Are you SURE this is an A.D. kit? There are a few other reputable and high quality kits out there and I think this may be one of those. A.D. kits don't have the flat roof that yours does. The taillight panel is a separate piece not molded to the body. The doors have a separated rocker panel (not one piece as yours are) and the quarter windows (behind the doors) are made to fit OEM Ferrari glass and have a noticeably different shape than yours. If you want to see an AD 355 kit, is a forum where they have several completed ones in the build diaries section. There are other makes of this kit listed too and may help you accurately identify the manufacturer. It will make a difference in fit for your buyer later when buying any replacement body parts, or upgrades.

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    That was a very respectful reply to what I agree is not an AD355. Lots of good stuff though even if it needs lots of work. I can't imagine how he thought it was an AD.


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      Still looks like a good looking car. Someone should get a good deal on this.
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