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Ferrari 328 Kit for sale

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  • Ferrari 328 Kit for sale

    Gauging interest for my 328 kit. It's on an 87 GT chassis. Solid build with no driveability issues. Clear coat is starting to peel in a couple spots, and the interior is showing some wear in a couple spots, but beyond that it's a great car. I think it's worth $9K as is. Let me know if anyone's interested. I can get more pics of it up this weekend. Would consider a trade for something like a 355 coupe or a murci project.
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    Just curious if the 288 rear vent and 512BB NACA vent are functional. Any other pictures of these areas?

    Good luck with the sale...

    Bob custom '84 Fiero SE --->>> custom F408


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      Honestly, I'm not sure! I'll try and snap pics this weekend.


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        I find it odd that every time someone wants to gauge interest in selling their car they never put a location as to where their beauty is. Shipping is a major concern for a buyer. I would give you $9K for it if it is in the same city as me but only $6K is I have to ship it.


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          I'm located in Coralville, IA 52241. Caught the kid's flu over the weekend, so didn't make it out to the garage to take some pics. I'll try and find some daylight in the next few days.


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