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Aventador windshields

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  • Aventador windshields

    I do not expect much response to this but I will throw it out there anyway. In my research on glass for my concept car, I have located a supplier for Aventador windshields. $3,000 each, minimum order is two.

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    No, they are aftermarket EM, but they have all of the correct DOT markings and border, also laminate with tint.


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      is this the glass that's part of Carlos kit in calexico ?


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        No, these are the correct Aventador shape. When I was in Mexico at Carlos' shop, he had one that was cut from an existing model car, I do not know from which one. The kit of Carlos is a freehand design, not a scan or copy, so he is able to make subtle design concessions to make that windshield work in his car. This windshield may or may not work in it, this one is true Aventador dimensions.


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          Carlos tells me that even though his car is sculpted, it is to the true dimensions and the windshield he has now is true Aventador dimensions. So to answer your question, this is not his windshield, but I misspoke in my previous post. If his and mine are both correct dimensions, my windshield should work in his car. But not that anyone would ever want to do that, his kit comes with his windshield.


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