I have an older (1994) vette. I've just finished redoing the entire car
from bumper to bumper and top to bottom, new EVERYTHING. lt1 built. Fully ported and polished heads, bigger injecters(ford #30), lt1/4 hot cam,ported intake, 1000cfm maf hausing, electric water pump, obx long tube headers, true duels, built 4l60e trans, aluminum 3core rad, 2800 stall, 3:54 posi, wide body, smoked lights, new rims, tires, suspension, poly bushings, kyb suspension. rear end, trans, motor, paint, stereo etc. everything built
for performance. motor should be around 420hp, bigger tires. currently sporting 305/35/18's in the
rear. I can go on and on about the mods made.

there is a
negative, after finishing the car and starting it up something didn't
look right so i had "Hess automotive" inspect my work. it has a pretty
big cam and i put it in a tooth off. so the cam needs to be rotated to
the correct orientation. car starts right up now and sounds amazing and
still will scare ya if you drive it, will be even more when the cam is
fixed. I've built plenty of motors and my work is very detailed and
good... but I have to own the brain fart on the cam.. didnt take my time
when installing it. I have reciepts and proof of everything and the car only has about 15 minutes of run time on it and about an 1/8 miles of drive time from when i scooted down the road after start up. Its been sitting in my garage since.

I have $17,000 into the car and should be a
low 12 second quarter mile car when fixed. just throwing it out there,
if not no biggy. i'm not hurting to get rid of it, i just don't feel
like fixing it right now so thought i would see if anyone has a trade of interest.


I am located in the thumb of michigan.

Email for pics