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Inspire Venta-R parts for sale

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  • Inspire Venta-R parts for sale

    I am selling the Front bumper and both rockers (side skirts) off of my Inspire Venta-R kit as I as I no longer need these.

    • The bumper and passengers side rocker are still in the same condition as received from Inspire.
    • The Drivers side rocker has had work started on it. I cut off the rear fender trim and made it bolt on and started to increase the vent size on the front.
      • I started to make out of wood the panel that the scuff plate sits on. I will include this with the sale.

    Prefer to sell it all at once but will sell the bumper separately.

    for photos see post #97 for the drivers side rocker update

    I have fiberglassed where the vent was split down the length.

    Post #21 has a good photo of the front bumper

    Best offer for the parts plus actual cost for shipping.
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