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Diablo roadster for sale

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  • Diablo roadster for sale

    Well I guess I get to join the ranks of the guys that didn't complete their car, but family and business obligations are more important at the moment.What I have I'm told is a Cory Davis Kit, I have the complete shell, replica rims, complete glass kit, door latches,
    headlights, Transaxle (i believe its an audi O16), adapter plate, a complete LS1 that was running when pulled with 100,000 miles on it I've striped the motor down for rebuilding but it is complete with harness computer even have the gas pedal, I have a complete set of NAERC chassis plans on disk and the majority of the square tubing already cut and labeled for the chassis, also have a complete set of wide track suspension for it. Im prob forgeting some more stuff that goes with it but I believe this would be a good start for someone that has the time to complete it. If someone is interested in it just make me a reasonable offer 479-236-5808 shoot me a text and I can send any pictures you would like to see.

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