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Want to trade Humvee for stretches countach

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  • Want to trade Humvee for stretches countach

    Looking to trade my 87 Humvee M998 for a stretched Countach replica.
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    If you thought you were dope riding in that stretch Ford Excursion to your Prom, we've got news for you: You were just another regular dude riding in the same type of limo that half the high school kids around the country were using. It's nothing new. If you really want to impress your date, you should spend a little more of that landscaping mula and pick up one of these crazy rides. You should have a legendary entrance, pullin' up in an F1 car, a Porsche 993, or an armored party machine.


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      That is not accurate information. Please let me know where I can purchase a Humvee for that cheap with a legal road title I will gladly purchase several. The surplus market is dead. Anything you see on GOVplanet how is owned by them because they purchased the last surplus release from the US. You use to be able to purchase trucks for as low as you saying about 5 years ago but those days are over. The military just signed a new contract with AM General to provide Humvees again. The average cost of an un restored M998 Humvee is around 10k. Basic restored trucks like mine are selling for 15-20k.


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